frequency capping limits the number of times

Know About frequency capping limits the number of times

Frequency capping is the term for advertising, which means (limiting) the number of times a specific ad is shown to a specific website visitor. This is often cited as a way to avoid burning banners, during which visitors are more exposed and responses are reduced. This may be true for direct response campaigns that measure performance in clicks, but this may be in contrast to campaigns that target brand awareness measured by non-click activity.

Ad Insertor Pro freelancers and newer license types support frequency caps to limit the maximum number of impressions / impressions that visitors can view over a specified period of time. You can also limit the number of clicks, which is the maximum number of times a visitor can click on a specific ad in a given period of time. This feature uses cookies to remember impressions and clicks. There is also a general statement for each block limit, which does not use cookies as it is server-side authenticated.

Impressions and click limits

Settings are in the Additional Settings block to specify the impression and click limits – click the “Other” button at the bottom of the code window. There are two settings section – General Restrictions and Personal Visitor Restrictions. Both can be used at the same time, however, you need to understand how they work in order to use them properly. And in each section, there are two different limits for impressions and clicks – the total limit on the left and the time frames on the right.

Impression and Click Limits To work, you need to enable Impression and click Tracking – in the general plugin settings worldwide and for each block where you need to define Impression or click the limit. You can also specify the spare block to be included when the restricted block is not inserted as some limit has been reached.

General limitations

General restrictions apply to blocks. You can specify the maximum number of impressions or clicks per block. This is a server side check. When the limit is reached, the code for this block will not be entered (and no ads will be shown).

General restrictions on the insertion of ads

The current value of impressions and clicks for this block is displayed next to the normal blocking limit. When you determine the total limit, you should consider the current value, as the current value will be checked. For example, you should limit your ad to 500 impressions and if the current impression value for the block is 489, you should set the maximum impressions to 989. However, you can also reset the statistics for each block:

Remove ad insert statistics

Check the impressions and click on Tracking for more details. In such a case, the current value will be 0 and you can enter the desired limit.

The maximum number of impressions and the number of clicks in each time period sets the limit for the last n days. When the time period is set, the current value for that time period is displayed. This way, you can show a variety of ads in turn, without consuming all the impressions in a very short time.

The duration of this (normal) limit is slightly different from the same limit for individual visitors – see below for details.

Block statistics are stored as daily effects and clicks for each block. So, you can set a limit only for the number of integer days.

Because the general limit is checked when the page is created (server side), blocks (ads) are still shown when cache is used and visitors load the cached page. In such cases, Ad Insert Pro supports additional client-side (browser-side) checks to strictly limit the number of impressions and clicks, even for cached pages. When dynamic blocking is set on the client side, additional checks are performed on the client side to stop the ad serving when the normal limit is reached.

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