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Google has announced that Android Auto !

Google has announced that Android Auto – a platform that provides drivers with access to music, media and applications to navigate car infotainment systems, and Google-owned cars – will receive a host of new features later this year. Android Auto features include a new user interface and support for suggested answers based on contextual suggestions from Google Assistant. For those who have Google Cars built-in, you can enjoy watching videos through the YouTube app in the coming months.

According to Google News in I / O 2022, Android Auto will get a new user interface that will put all the important features that drivers prioritize in their cars – navigation, media and communication – on any screen. Google says the change will help keep the driving experience safer. The new version, which will be released this summer, will feature maps, media player and communication applications on the same page.

Applications are placed on top of each other in split screen mode. Google claims that the new Android Auto interface design can adapt to different screen sizes – widescreen, image and more. This reduces the need to go back to the home screen and / or scroll through the list of apps to unlock the functionality you want.

In general, a person using an Android auto navigation card will find it difficult to return to the home screen and open another application, such as WhatsApp, to view messages. With it, the maps navigation interface decreases and the chances of losing significant conversion increase. Navigation and media “always on” reduces the chances of getting lost while browsing other applications.

As for the second feature, it looks like Google has found a way to further integrate the power of Google Assistant into Android Auto. With Virtual Assistant contextual tips, drivers can now select suggested replies to messages, share arrival times with a friend, or play recommended music more efficiently in the car. This feature will be available in addition to the existing voice response feature.

For cars made by Google, the company is preparing to introduce two new features in the coming months. Following the earlier announcement that YouTube will bring Google built-in cars, Google has announced that more video streaming apps, including Tubi and Epix Now, will be added to the rankings. It helps drivers watch videos directly from their car screen. Although the details are not clear, drivers can only watch videos when their cars are parked, not while driving.

A second feature of Google’s built-in cars is that drivers can browse the web directly from your car screen and throw their content from their smartphones onto their car screen.

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