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Pentagon UFO news USA UFO: During a 90-minute panel hearing in the US House of Representatives on Tuesday morning, US military officials released new footage of a UFO — or what they now call the Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon, or UAP.

Scott Bray, deputy director of intelligence for the Navy, shared the footage recorded by members of the military with the House Standing Committee on Intelligence at the first public hearing on the matter in more than 50 years.
One of the videos filmed with night vision goggles from a US Navy ship in 2019 shows an unidentified triangular object. Bray later noticed another clip of the same phenomenon from a different location later. He explained that analysts doubt that the object is actually an optical effect. Pentagon UFO news USA UFO

That is, the drone looks triangular due to the effect of light passing through the glasses and through the lens of the SLR camera that shot the video.

Bray also shared another short video, taken in 2021, showing a spherical object from the cockpit of a military aircraft for a fraction of a second. “In many other cases, we have much less than this,” Bray said, adding that there is currently no explanation for this object. “We cannot explain with data that we have minimum [representations] of flight performance or signature management. Pentagon UFO news USA UFO

The hearing came 11 months after the release of the Director of National Intelligence’s brief report on the UAP, which resulted in the creation of a task force to investigate the matter. The defense spending bill signed into law by President Biden in December requires regular reports and briefings to Congress on the issue.

Bray said the working group currently has a database of over 400 UAP reports. The Secretary of Defense for Intelligence and Security stated that the aim of the working group was to remove the cultural stigma surrounding the UAP and that the newly formed Aircraft Control Identification and Synchronization Group “promotes the systematic, logical and systematic identification of UAPs.” Standard method.

At its lightest moment, Multi also said he admits to being a fan of the broader science fiction subculture, which often pairs UFOs with potential extraterrestrial intelligence.

“I went to [science fiction] meetings. “There is nothing wrong with that,” he said. “[I] don’t have to get dressed.”

But no consultations with E.T. Or the testimony of strangers during the trial.

Bray said the military never interacted with the UAP, fired or clashed, although about 11 misses were documented, according to a report by the Director of National Intelligence last year.

Overall, in addition to new personnel, a lot of new information was revealed during the meeting, but enough to make it one of the most interesting hearings in Congress in recent months.

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