advanced traffic management system

Why is a smart traffic management system important?

Advanced traffic management system: Managing traffic on city roads is a tricky job. It consists of a lot of activities like direction, supervision, and control of all the vehicles on roads. The time when traffic policemen controlled vehicles at roundabouts or t-points has gone. Now, the time is for managing traffic smartly and a smart traffic management system can help the authority well. 

This AI-based system can manage traffic efficiently with the use of an automated number plate recognition system, surveillance cameras, and allied tools. Here are the reasons why the smart traffic management system is important:

1. No human errors   

After the installation, the concerned authority takes bill payment with the use of online wallet or Fast Tag facilities. These facilities assure you (the authority men) that there is only a deduction of the right amount and no vehicle can go without the payment of the bill. As every transaction is automated, there is no chance of human errors. Further, there is no need for manual register maintenance for parking charge or toll collection.

2. Around the clock service and real time analysis 

The installed cameras and system automatically captures road traffic and allows vehicle owners to have a smooth driving. It keeps working around the clock without any interruption and the need for human resources. Further, it facilitates in taking the required action in the case of an incident occurrence.

3. Directing or guiding vehicles becomes easier 

With this system, guiding vehicles to go in the right direction becomes more comfortable. The system allows vehicles to move smoothly by providing the appropriate traffic guidance automatically. 

4. Congestion-free traffic 

Usually, in busy hours, managing traffic manually is a tough job. At that time, there is a need for more than 2 traffic policemen to handle traffic at a roundabout in a town/city. With smart traffic management, a single guard can easily handle the traffic during peak hours. 

5. Smart signal lights 

Minimising the inefficiencies of the pointless time waste at a roundabout in traffic congestion becomes easier with samet signal lights. The intelligent lighting system easily manages the long vehicle queue and clearing traffic. It keeps the defined timing system at a bay and clears traffic automatically as per the requirement.     

6. Centralised control system 

Having a centralised control system makes the integration of all the requisite components in a single place. The concerned authorities can easily access all the requisite information whether it is a signal, camera, traffic light, boom barrier, or queue detector.  

7. Optimisation of road networking systems  

A smart traffic management system comes with a dynamic routing technology. Due to this, optimising road networking systems becomes more comfortable. With it, the authorities have a better and quicker communication system. 

8. Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) System 

The crucial benefit of this traffic management system is ANPR. It helps the authorities to have a record of vehicles with their number plates. In the case of any suspicion, it sends an alert message to take the requisite action. Tracing a vehicle gets easier with the use of the database. 


Smart Traffic Management Systems are highly beneficial for the authorities and common men. With it, managing traffic, removing traffic congestion and tracing a vehicle becomes more comfortable. It helps the authorities to get rid of human errors and optimise everything in traffic management. 

mes more comfortable. It helps the authorities to get rid of human errors and optimise everything in traffic management. 

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