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How to Find the Best Film School for Cinematography in Mumbai

Cinematography is the art and technology of motion pictures. It involves the artistic approach as well as physical technicalities of making a movie. Students willing to become cinematographers need to complete one of the most suitable cinematography courses. Such a course is offered at a film or acting school. You need to find the best film school to pursue cinematography in Mumbai or any other city across the world. Here are some steps that can help you in this regard:

Know film or acting schools offering cinematography courses 

First of all, you need to find some acting or film schools that offer cinematography courses. It is crucial for you as you can come across several institutes offering acting courses. Some of them might not be offering any courses on cinematography. You need to make a list of acting, film, or television institutes that offer courses for aspiring cinematographers. 

Explore the course 

Before you finalise a film school, you should explore its cinematography course. While exploring the course, you need to focus on its modules and contents. You should try to find out whether it would make you learn everything that you need to be a cinematographer or not. Find out the ratio of theoretical classes and practical training. You should go with the one that focuses more on practical instructions. 

Inquire about fee structure and payment options 

Usually, a cinematography course is expensive. Every film institute has its own fee structure for such a course. You need to go through the website of film and television institutes of your list or visit their campuses. Through the website or campus visit, try to get a prospectus or a detailed quote explaining fee structure. 

Knowing the fee structure is not enough. You need to know the payment options and find whether an institute asks you to pay the total fee at a time, or semesterly/yearly. Inquire about the availability of the payment option in easy monthly instalments (EMIs). Fee payment with EMI option will be beneficial for you.   

Know the reputation 

You should not get into any fim, television, and drama school. Before you get a berth in a film institute, you should know how much reputation it has in the film, television, or entertainment industry. It is important for you. A reputed school always offers the best learning experience and support to move ahead.     

Familiar with who will instruct you 

Knowing the school, course structure, and fee is good. However, knowing the faculty members will be more beneficial for you. It is essential for you to know who will teach or guide you on how to handle a camera and how to get rid of common camera issues while filming a scene. You should know whether they are from the film, television or entertainment industry or not. In addition, try to know how much experience they have. 

Explore the available facilities

Learning cinematography means you need more on-hand practice. Before you finalise a film or acting school for pursuing a cinematography course, you must explore what facilities an institute has. You should know whether you have to buy a respective camera or the institute provides cameras to all students of this course. Being aware of this will be beneficial for you. 

Know the availability of placement support 

Having the requisite talent and skills helps you get a relevant job. However, in the initial days after the course completion, you might have to struggle a lot. The availability of a placement cell can help you get an opportunity soon after completing your course. So, you should enrol yourself into a course at a film school that offers placement support. 


Getting into the best film school for cinematography is easy. By keeping the course structure, faculty members, available facilities, fee structure, and reputation in mind, you can easily find an ideal film school for you.   

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