How to record a WhatsApp call

How to record a WhatsApp call

How to record a WhatsApp call: WhatsApp Messenger is one of the most popular programs, not only for messaging but also for audio and video chatting. A one-stop store for all of your needs is becoming a reality thanks to the platform! WhatsApp lets you communicate with your friends in a variety of ways, including texting, calling, and video chatting. Audio and video calls cannot be recorded, though. But don’t worry; there are numerous alternatives and 3rd applications to choose from. Throughout this article, we’ll teach you how to record WhatsApp audio and video chats on Android and iOS devices in the most effective manner possible. There is no time to waste, so let’s get this celebration started right away.

More than WhatsApp screen recorder: How to Use an iPhone to Record WhatsApp Voice Calls?

WhatsApp audio calls are tough to record on an iPhone. WhatsApp audio calls cannot be recorded using a third-party program. The answer to this problem, on the other hand, calls for the usage of both a Mac and an iPhone. Here’s an example of how to accomplish it:

Connect your device to a Mac with a lightning wire. On your iPhone, select “Trust on this device”

Your Mac’s QuickTime software should be open. Audio Input Recordings can be created by clicking on the File menu option.

Press the record button in QuickTime after selecting iPhone from the drop-down box.

Now you may use your iPhone to place a WhatsApp call to someone else. The add user icon will appear when you’ve joined the network.

Start chatting with the person you want to record the audio with. Just hang up the phone and stop the QuickTime recording. By saving the file to your Mac, you can capture the audio from your WhatsApp call.

Using WhatsApp screen recorder: How to Capture Video Calls on WhatsApp on the iPhone?

With iOS 11, Apple added a built-in screen recorder, which is quite useful. This feature also makes it simple to record WhatsApp video calls on your iPhone. To record WhatsApp video calls on an iPhone, there are no third-party apps required. This functionality enables you to perform the following tasks:

The Configuration Utility can be accessed by navigating to Settings, then Control Center. By selecting ‘Customize Controls,’ you may add a Screen Recording option to the list of currently active options.

After launching the Control Center, tap the Screen Recording button. Now that WhatsApp is open, call the person whose call you wish to record and ask them to record it for you.

Make sure the microphone is on and the call volume is set to the highest setting before you begin recording. You can save the recording to your smartphone when the call is over.

How to capture WhatsApp conversations on a single phone?

If you want to record casual WhatsApp calls, there are several call recording apps accessible on the Google Play Store. Some are operational, while others are not. We tried quite a few and found that “Record WhatsApp calls” is one of the best WhatsApp call recording apps on the Play Store. It has a simple user interface and accomplishes the job without requiring any effort from you. The application records your WhatsApp calls constantly, and the audio recordings can be exported to Google Drive. You can secure the recordings using a fingerprint or a pin so that only you have access to them. Let’s have a peek at how you can record WhatsApp calls with the aforementioned tool.

Recording WhatsApp Calls – Android

– You’ll need to have a 3rd app to monitor phone conversations on an Android phone.

– You can install the cubes call recorders or any other app using your phone.

– Now navigate to WhatsApp and open the application.

– Place the call you wish to record.

– If you notice cube call icons in the app, you’re aware that your call is being recorded.

– If your phone displays an error message, you must reopen the app.

-Select Force Voice in Voice Call in the app’s options.

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