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Give your kid a screen recording iPhone to keep track of their activity

Screen recording iphone 13: Apple’s iPhone has become a popular choice for many people. Your child’s health might be seriously harmed as a result of this. Cyberbullying is a real possibility, since they are constantly exposed to the harmful virtual world.

This holiday season, if your youngster gets an iPhone, you’ll need to find a moment to get it out of his or her hands and set up an Apple ID and iOS limits to keep the Internet and the App Store safe. Insurance and a protective case are also smart options unless your child is particularly cautious.

Wipe old phone

To start with, if you don’t want to purchase a new iPhone but give an old one away, you’ll need to wipe it. You can learn how and where to wipe your iPhone by following the step-by-step guide in the iOS section.

Set up Apple ID for a child

Giving a screen recording app for iPhone also means giving a friend or family member an Apple ID. If your child is over the age of 13, they can create their Apple ID, but if they are under the age of 12, you must do it.

Go to Settings > [Your Name] > Family Sharing > Add Family Member and then touch Establish a Kids Identity to create an Apple ID for your child. Enter their birthday, accept the parent confidentiality disclaimer, gain entry to the 3 software on the rear of the debit card tied to your very own Apple ID, enter your children’s names, start creating an iCloud email address for your kid, just choose passcodes for his or her account, and then set up just few security questions. The account will then be listed on the Family Sharing tab in Settings as a member of the family.

You can split App Store buys and iCloud storage space with your teen if he or she has their own Apple ID. You can invite a family member by iMessage or in person by following the on-screen instructions once you press Add Family Member on the Family Sharing tab. screen recording iphone 12 13

Prevent web content

The Safari browser and other apps on iOS and iPadOS may be configured to automatically block access to pornographic content. It’s possible to create a list of authorized or restricted websites, or you may restrict access to only those that are approved. To get started, simply follow these simple steps:

  1. Take a look at the Screen Time option in Settings.
  2. Enter your Screen Time passcode into Content & Privacy Restrictions.
  3. Select Web Content from the Content Restrictions menu.
  4. You have the option of allowing all websites, limiting access to only those you choose, or allowing only those you specify.
  5. You may need to provide details, such as the website you wish to limit, depending on the level of access you allow.

Insurance against drops

Insurance can be purchased through your cell phone provider or directly from Apple. iPhones come with a one-year basic warranty that covers design flaws and hardware problems, but it excludes damage from drops and other mishaps. Known as AppleCare+, the company’s extended warranty covers your iPhone for two years after purchase and covers accidental breakage for up to 2 occurrences for $29 per incident for screen damage and $99 per incident for any other damage.

Your kid needs a screen recording iPhone

Apple introduced Screen Time in iOS 12 earlier this year to help iPhone owners control their phone use. It’s especially beneficial for teaching young people to avoid the pull of the ubiquitous iPhone. You may create guidelines for your child’s iPhone usage by going to Settings > Screen Time and configuring everything from Downtime and App Limits to Content & Security limitations. Each week, you’ll receive an email with information on how often your child uses his or her iPhone and how much time he or she spends using various apps. The data in this report is likely to be both enlightening and disturbing. screen recording iphone 12 13

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