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How do Video mails benefit businesses?

Of late, email marketing has found its important place in marketing strategy but with more or less every company opting for email marketing, people find their inboxes filled with these. And what follows is directing those emails to the trash as people find it all the same. So in order to stand out from the crowd and create an impact and impressive effect on the potential customer, video emails can come with some mention-worthy benefits. Video Marketing Mailers are coming up with innovative ideas for promotions and they seem to be fruitful. Custom Greeting Cards Video Marketing Mailers

Let’s check out certain benefits that video mails can impart on businesses:

  • It is a proven fact that an email consisting of a video gets higher click-through rates and has a higher chance of a conversion. Also, a video email helps build trust among customers and reduces the chances of unsubscription by 75%. Besides, it also helps in brand growth and awareness.
  • Video mails generate curiosity among receivers and they are more prone to open these emails thus increasing the percentage of opened emails. Scripting these emails with a simple text and the video will prompt individuals to open and go through them which again can directly impact the conversion rates.
  • Opting for video emails can be a great way of building trust and credibility with potential customers. It can help in building a connection with the client and helps in adding a face to the brand. Adding a human touch always helps build reliability. Also, make sure the video content is genuine, add some personal stories to create emotions, and present your brand as trustworthy.
  • Video emails have great advantages, especially in the social media era where shares can make you noticed among customers and has an indirect effect on your popularity and SEO ranking.
  • Video emails are time effective that is a one-minute video can save the time of reading a 15-minute long post. Moreover, people find it more reasonable as they can spare those few minutes of watching the video during their travel time.
  • You must have spent hours composing a campaign mail that ends up in the trash or is marked as spam, but by channeling the creativity to create a video email you can end up impressing the people. The more the video campaign is informative and exciting, the more will it entice your potential customers.

Once you are done knowing the benefits of a video email, it’s time to implement the learning into action and gain the desired result. So, let’s know about the types of video email marketing campaigns for in-depth knowledge of the same.

To begin with, you can opt for personalized video emails, where you add a personal greeting to the recipient to garner a significant response. It shows the effort you are putting in and pays off with higher response and conversion rates.

Building narratives around your brand can create a story telling impact and grasp the attention of your customers. Storytelling will promote the brand and will let people know more about the how, when and what of your brand. Sharing customer experience can also be effective way of promoting, as people tend to believe more on customer reviews and experiences, so including an existing customer for the video campaign can boost your business significantly. Custom Greeting Cards Video Marketing Mailers

 GIFs are very trendy, upto date and tech savvy way of reaching the customers, especially the young generation. GIFs that adds value and meaning to your campaign and are attention-seeking are worth sharing. Using a GIF for the sake of it does not really make sense. So,be very particular in choosing a GIF to be attached with your email, it should not leave the impression that you are over doing it or unnecessarily spamming their inboxes.

Using Custom Greeting Cards for your existing customer is a good marketing strategy. Sending customized greeting cards ensures your customer that they are special and valuable for you, which means there are higher chances of references and also it raises the probability of your customers coming back to you more.

The next question that can probably raise on your head can be of how to consolidate a video in an email, there re two simple ways of doing so:

  • First, you can simply embed a video content into the email that will let recipients directly view the video without leaving the inbox. But these method comes with certain setbacks. Many email clients does not allow a video to run in the embedded format due to security issues. So it may so happen that recipients is unable to see your video.
  • Second and the most successful one is to create a thumbnail and send the thumbnail in email, once clicked the thumbnail will directly lead to the website or youtube, where the video is stored and saved. This technique works efficiently as it doesn’t trigger any security issues plus it helps in generating traffic to your website.

Final Word:

Now that you have gasrnered enough knowledge on how to use your Video Marketing Mailers and also how does the Custom Greeting Cards works to bring satisfied customer experience, you can begin working on your email campaign and target your potential customers with your creative insight.

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