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Guide to making Extra Thick Business cards incorporated with Barcodes

Thick Business cards : The barcodes are again making a comeback. There are so many sectors like business, health, retail, leisure and events which are rediscovering the barcode and printing it on Extra Thick Business Cards. Thanks to its many advantages. The combination of barcodes and the credit card format are able to satisfy multiple business requirements.

What makes Barcodes special?

  • Easy to use: The success of any technology mainly depends on the ease of access it can offer. Plastic Card with Barcode can be quickly read without the need of any special application. A camera on a smartphone is sufficient.
  • Hygienic: The technology of barcodes feature a contactless process. Your personal smartphone is all that is required. No other items or objects are involved.
  • Flexibility: Extra thick Business Cards with barcodes can also be used to trigger an automatic action or to send information. They also feature an easy sharing process by duplicating information digitally.
  • Economical: Some functionalities of electronic chips can be provided by barcodes. Although the configuration of the chip component and the equipment involves a cost, in Extra Thick Business Cards with barcode, only the printing cost is involved. You thus get access to a sophisticated technology at lower prices.
  • Fun: The barcode needs to be scanned for its functioning. A user is involved for this action. There is thus a very important kinesthetic side to the barcodes, particularly when it comes to user experience.

Plastic Card with Barcode: the winning combination.

Owing to all the qualities mentioned above, there are plenty of sectors that are getting attracted to the concept of barcodes. When you are looking to generate a barcode, you are first required to choose the medium on which it will appear. Nowadays, one of the media with the most possibilities is the Extra Thick Business Cards:

  • A smart credit card format: The standard dimension of Plastic Card with Barcode is vastly practical. It is always within reach as they can be easily fitted inside a purse or a pocket.
  • A quality image: A mark of quality is added to the card on account of its smooth, robust and soft plastic material. Subconsciously, people having Extra Thick Business Cards made of PVC are less likely to discard it.
  • Extraordinary Capabilities: Printing of Plastic Card with Barcode is quite an effortless process. This is the reason why they can be used in any application and creation.

Potential Applications of Plastic Card with Barcode:

(1) Retail Industry: A key component in the communications and marketing toolbox is a Plastic Card with Barcode, so far as the retail industry is concerned. Besides improving customer experience by providing additional information about products and services, it also helps in enhancing the brand image by adding a sense of modernity to the point of sale. They are also used to provide details of any promotions and offers. The barcode can also be used to encourage the customer to visit the online store, for an experience beyond the store visit.


  • Gift Card
  • Loyalty Card
  • Promotion Label
  • Product Label
  • Product Certificate

(2) Leisure and events: The advantages of barcodes on Extra Thick Business Cardscan benefit restaurants, cultural venues and sports facilities. Essential information such as restaurant menus can be provided to customers with this medium. In an art gallery, Plastic Card Barcode can provide further information about an object for a more informative and interactive visitor experience. They can also be used for automated access control to festivals, stadiums, trade fairs, sports facilities, ski resorts and plenty of other venues.


  • Wall label
  • Menus
  • Trade Visitor Badge
  • Sports Season Pass
  • Movie Pass
  • Ski Lift Pass
  • Festival Pass

(3) Business: Plastic Card with Barcode finds wide applications in businesses for access control. They play a primary role to access company buildings for both staffs and visitors according to the established policies. The plastic cards can also be used for other purposes like access to printers, snack and coffee machines etc. Moving a step further, they can also be used to automate certain actions, like booking rooms.

Moreover, identification of equipment that is earmarked to leave company premises is another potential application of barcode badges. The barcode badge is then attached to, say for example, a computer bag. So, in case, the equipment in question is lost, the barcode allows the person who locates it to get in touch with the owner via a contact form or website.


  • Visitor badge
  • Multi-Purpose Employee Badge
  • Construction Sector ID
  • Display for automated actions.

How to generate Barcodes on Extra Thick Business Cards?

Now, you have got a better idea that a Plastic Card with Barcode has numerous potential applications and also has plenty of advantages. And the icing on the cake is that they are not only powerful but also easy to create. All you would require is:

  • A plastic card printer
  • Bar Code and card design generator software
  • Easy to use Plastic Cards and ribbons.

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