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Guide to choosing a Head Shaver

Head Shaver for Men: It requires a lot of attention and care while shaving your head, especially for morning commuters who just cannot get up early. A convenient and comfortable Head Shaver for Men can really improve the quality of life. But, with so many different varieties of designs, models, and prices, you may be wondering which one you should really choose. Just go through this article to find out some of the key factors that you should consider while purchasing one.

Operating principle of a Head Shaver:

The working principle of Head Shaver for men is divided into two parts: the inner part is the fixed part and the outer part is the moving part. The movable blade is mainly a mesh design. While you are shaving, your hair will enter the grid. The electric motor will drive the fixed blade and the movable blade in order to perform a relative motion. This relative motion will be used by the fixed blade to shave the head entering the grid.

It should be noted that an ordinary Head Shaver has a poor treatment effect on long hair. Long hairs cannot be shaved by a fixed blade head, because the long hairs cannot get into the blade head. This is a general principle, but according to different motion principles, Head Shaver can be divided into rotary shavers and reciprocating shavers.

(1) The Rotary: A rotary Head Shaver for men, is a shaver with a round head that utilizes several blades to make circular motions in order to cut the hair continuously in a uniform manner. Besides being quieter, smoother, and less vibrating, the main advantage of this type of shaver is that it does not require very strong motor power. However, for some dead corners of the scalp, the shaving process needs to be repeated several times for effective cleaning, owing to the slow rotation speed and limited shape of the blade.

Speaking about the cutter head, many Head Shaver replace the blade with a mesh. You can also replace the cutter head if you feel that your shaving is less dynamic or less efficient.

(2) The reciprocating: The reciprocating Head Shaver for Men, cuts the hair between the cutter head and the internetwork. On account of the steel used in these shavers, and the high power of the motor, a Reciprocating Head Shaver is typically more expensive when compared to the rotary ones.

The main advantage of a reciprocating shaver is its strong motor power, clean-shaven, which is especially good in handling thick and hard whiskers, and with absolutely no feeling of pain from hair pull. But if you have to shave in a very quiet environment, then the reciprocating one is definitely not for you, as the noise and vibration are relatively large in these types of shavers.

The mesh is separated from the tip when it comes to reciprocating Head Shaver for Men. The timing for replacement of the tip is the same as that of rotary blades, preferably after every 18 months.

Must know factors before choosing a Head Shaver:

While you are choosing to buy a suitable Head Shaver for Men, you need to consider the following factors before purchasing one.

(1) Clean Charging Base: Most people face two exasperating moments with their Head Shaver. First of all, sometimes they run out of power in the morning, especially when you are enthusiastic about a business trip. And, secondly, a long time is required for cleaning purposes. When you are purchasing a Head Shaver for Men, you should always look for one with a clean charging base, which can be placed on the lavabo. As long as the used shaver is put into the clean charging base, just gently touch the button, and the shaver gets automatically cleaned, lubricated, and charged.

(2) Power Display: Do you fall under the category of persons who suffer from an obsessive-compulsive disorder? The Power display feature in a Head Shaver lets you check how much electricity is left. Most of the brands feature a real-time power display function, which can be displayed in two ways: either in percentage or in a progress bar. This feature will definitely give you a feeling of contentment and also bring the obsessive-compulsive disorder to an end.

In a nutshell:

Hope this article helps you to get a better understanding of the factors that need to be considered before purchasing a Head Shaver for Men. You should always compare the functions and parameters, specific of which models you are choosing to buy before making the final decision. Other factors that need to be considered are noise tolerance, vibration, and sometimes, the degree of thickness of your hair. And, last but not the least, the price factor is another most important thing to be considered while purchasing a Head Shaver.

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