Fall wedding flower arrangements

7 types of wedding flower arrangements that you need to know about

Fall wedding flower arrangements: Can you imagine a wedding without flowers? Beautiful fresh flowers are needed in almost every step of a wedding arrangements. From decoration to wedding flower bouquets, there are so many places where you need to arrange for flowers in order to have the wedding of your dreams.

Apart from the usual décor like aisle flower arrangements or wall arrangements, there are these 7 types of flower arrangements that make a wedding complete. If you are having a wedding soon, then you should take a look into this list. If you’re looking for florists in Green Bay WI who can supply wedding flowers for you, check out Bee Enchanted Florist.

  1. Bridal bouquet

A bridal bouquet is perhaps the most important piece of flower arrangement in a wedding, especially when you see it from the bride’s perspective. It is the bouquet that the bride carries all day with her. Naturally, it receives a lot of attention from the guests. A bridal bouquet reflects the bride’s unique style and taste. Traditionally, white flowers were the most popular choices for bridal bouquets, but nowadays, modern brides use any color as per their choice.

  • Maid of Honor bouquet

The Maid of Honor bouquet can be similar to that of the bride, but smaller in size, and less adorned. The point it, it should not outshine the bride’s bouquet. It is perfectly alright to have similar bouquets for the maid of honor and other bridesmaids. Reputed wedding flower shops in Green Bay will be able to show you a variety of bouquets for maid of honor.

  • Bridesmaids’ bouquets

Modern brides like bridesmaids bouquets in different colors, and even with different types of flowers. This idea goes especially well if each bridesmaid is wearing a different colored dress.

  • Toss bouquet

The toss bouquet is the next important flower arrangement for a wedding. Actually, it is supposed to be the same bouquet as the bridal bouquet. But today’s brides love to preserve their bridal bouquets for memory, and use a different one for the toss. Usually, the toss bouquet is similar in design as the bridal bouquet, but smaller in size. However, this is not a hard and fast rule, and every bride can make a choice as per her preference. For doorstep delivery of wedding flowers in Green Bay, visit Bee Enchanted florist website now.

  • Flower girl flowers

If you are having a little flower girl, then you should also arrange for flower petals that she will throw around. The most common petals to use for flower girls is rose petals in white, pink, or red. You can also choose other flowers’ petals, or even small whole flowers like alstroemeria lilies. Also, let the flower girl wear floral accessories like floral crowns, garlands, or other accessories. It will look amazingly cute in pictures.

  • Boutonnieres

The boutonnieres are the most popular floral accessories for the gentlemen in your wedding party. Every important male member of the wedding party, including the Groom, the Best Man, the Groomsmen, and the fathers of the bride and groom flaunt this little floral accessory with pride. Traditionally, boutonnieres were considered to be the symbol of chivalry and heroism. Today, although it has lost such connotations, a wedding is still incomplete without boutonnieres.

  • Corsages

Corsages are the floral accessory for the ladies attending the wedding. There are two types of corsages available. The pin corsage comes with a pin, and is attached to the dress. The wrist corsage is tied to the wrist. Generally, the wrist corsage is more popular because it is more comfortable to wear. Flower corsages should not be too big in size, otherwise it can be uncomfortable and it might restrict the movements for the ladies.

Apart from these, wedding flower centerpieces are also an important aspect of a wedding décor. Don’t forget to order some beautiful centerpieces to decorate the reception.

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