iui vs ivf

iui vs ivf

Parenting is a choice that shapes us as an adult while also giving us a certain driving force to be responsible. A parent’s job is unconditional and requires planning before the child takes birth. This is even more significant in terms of an IVF procedure. As the stigma surrounding IVF slowly starts wearing off, it is becoming easier to visit the best general surgery hospitals and know in detail about IVF.

IVF uses an assistive reproductive technology (ART) that retrieves the egg from the female and the sperm from the male and fertilizes it into an embryo. The embryo is stored or planted in a woman’s uterus for the fetus to grow. Couples having trouble with infertility can benefit from such a procedure. So, here are ten facts you should know before heading for an IVF.

1. Banish The Stigmas, Not IVF

Infertility is a problem that many couples have stumbled upon. The progression of medical science has made from a laparoscopic hernia operation to IVF procedures for fertility possible. Infertility is caused genetically, and only 5% of all infertile couples seek IVF procedures.

2. Tradition IVF Method

The conventional process is quite time-consuming. It takes the eggs from the women’s ovaries, fertilizes them outside, and then puts the embryos back into the womb. This entire process is broken into several layers and weeks to months before the actual pregnancy happens.

3. Types Of IVF Procedures

Apart from the traditional method, other types are less time-consuming and less drug-induced. The natural IVF procedure requires stimulants for 3-4 days. Mild IVF requires about 5-9 days. Most importantly, the IVF treatment can be carried out in these procedures within the menstrual cycles without needing to halt and restart the cycle for IVF.

4. Don’t Go Over The Lucrative Success Rates

The success rate for IVF procedures varies based on several factors. However, the IVF market has created a false facade to lure clients. Some measure their success rate through positive pregnancy tests, while others judge it by clinical pregnancy to even live births.

5. Age Is A Defining Factor

The best general surgery hospitals will tell you firsthand about the age complications of an IVF procedure. A woman’s eggs start declining after age 35 and keep growing until menopause. This makes it harder for older women to conceive babies. This is also true for men over the years.

6. One Cycle Of Treatment May Not Be Enough

The average success rate for IVF treatment stands at a measly 35%. However, that rate is going up with technological improvements in medical science. As the pointer reads, you may require a series of treatments. It is better to mentally prepare for multiple IVF cycles, increasing the chance of conceiving. Study shows that over 60% of women have managed success after six cycles.

7. Additional Care To Think About

Couples opting for IVF treatment will be desperate to get their shot at success. They take salvation in additional techniques such as PGD, PGS, and Embryoscope that you can most probably get done from the best general surgery hospitals. You will still have to discuss with your doctor before heading for these techniques, as they may not always have the results you expected.

8. Frozen Is The Best

In recent studies, it has been proven that Embryos or eggs stay in good condition when frozen. And it is better to keep especially the embryos frozen. Eggs are more stable in that sense.

9. Multiple Pregnancy Expectations

It is well known that IVF treatment increases the chance of conceiving more than one baby. Twins and triplets are pretty familiar with IVF treatment. To increase the chances of pregnancy, often, there is more than one embryo planted within the womb. This results in multiple pregnancies. However, this can be risky, that’s why often the best general surgery hospitals have policies for a single embryo transfer.

10. IVF Treatment Cost In India

There is a difference between the cycle cost and treatment cost. The cycle includes different scans, followed by egg collection, embryos, and lastly, embryo transfer. However, the costs for blood tests, medication, and planning for addsitional techniques are considered personally by the patient and their family. The couple needs to sit down and discuss all the prices breaking down the entire thing, so no confusion remains.


Coming to a decision on an IVF procedure is tricky the first time, even when getting treated from among the best general surgery hospitals. However, it can be even more difficult for a couple who have had a failed experience. This is why it is essential to know these facts, such as that you may need multiple IVF procedures before success. There are quite a few in this article that you can feel free to check out.

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