Why is shein so cheap

Why is shein so cheap?

Shein is a Chinese-American fashion brand that was founded in 2012 and exports to more than 150 countries around the world. This Chinese store is a bestseller due to low prices, stylish clothes and a large presence on social networks such as TikTok

If I had to describe Shein in a few lines, his main characteristics are:

They have a wide variety of clothes from modern styles to different styles of clothes. So more and more young and influential people shop here.They have a wide range of sizes from XS to 5XL and also have a collection of plus sizes.

It has a strong social media presence and its mobile app is one of the most downloaded marketing apps.
It’s really easy to buy and return Shein clothing with free or very low prices and returns.
It has become one of the best places to buy cheap clothes. The prices are very low and many people sell Shein clothes to create local businesses. This is their business model

In some countries, we are used to paying less for clothes, so I was surprised at first when I found out that I could get the same item at Shein for less than half the price.

However, it is a very popular business model in China and one that follows in the footsteps of other brands such as Xiaomi. This means offering original products at a low price.

For this model to be effective, there are certain parameters that must be met without compromising quality. This is why Shein’s clothes are so expensive.

Minimize defenders

At major clothing brands, clothes are made in factories around the world, shipped to warehouses in many countries, or ordered online and delivered to your store or home.

But Shein evaded the defenders and moved the clothes from the factory to the warehouse.It will be hosted there and sent worldwide. You can save money by avoiding middlemen.

There is no physical store

It is very convenient to go to the store and try on clothes. However, it costs a lot: rent, staff, maintenance, etc. Since Shein doesn’t have a physical store, you can buy clothes at very low prices.

In addition to this, Shein provides accurate information about the clothes (materials, finishes, size guide…) and offers free shipping to many countries.So you can buy a house safely and worry-free.

In some countries where demand is high, Shein has opened pop-up stores. This is one way to bring your brand closer to your customers. However, these promotions cost less than traditional stores.

The warehouse is smaller

You may have noticed that there is a daily rate for Shein. We offer not only cheap clothes, but also discounts and brands, so you can shop at a lower price.

That’s because Shein follows the rotation of the books. It is better to sell everything with a small margin than to store clothes in a warehouse. Eliminate excess in your warehouse with e-shopping.

Reduce your advertising spend

Instead of advertising through print and TV ads, Shein focused on digital marketing.Thanks to word of mouth and social media.

This means that brands today have a strong community to promote their brand with little investment. That’s why we can offer lower prices.

Its goal is low cost

In the world of fashion, there are fewer and fewer budget clothing brands. Zara and other companies in the Inditex group are raising prices while increasing brand value.

Although Shein has launched several high-end clothing lines, the core of his business is affordable clothing models that are available worldwide.They benefit from a large amount of traffic
So Shane’s goal is not to sell more expensive clothes, but to sell more clothes, so the prices are very low. We know that clothes are very cheap to make, but brands will increase their prices to improve the product.

However, Shein prefers to reduce the profit per garment but make the products accessible to as many people as possible.


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