What is BlackByte Ransomware

What is BlackByte Ransomware ?

What is BlackByte Ransomware: These days, people are tired of reading about ransomware attacks, ransomware and affected companies every day, so we’re very happy to share the good news today: BlackByte ransomware victims can now decrypt and restore their data thanks to a recently launched free program. Decryption. Instrument.

What is Blackbite Ransomware?

BlackByte ransomware also includes spiraling data or running remote desktop applications over a network. Operators have launched a popular infiltration tool called Cobalt Strike to install and run ransomware on victims’ computers.

BlackByte ransomware was released in July; “They used their web shell to set the Cobalt Strike flag directly on the exploited exchange server to allow it to perform additional functions on the pirated computer system.”

Standard methods of distributing ransomware

This type of malware can spread in different ways.

Your machine is infected with the BlackByte file virus. One way is to open spam emails and attachments without pre-checking for malware. Cybercriminals often send fake emails from a legitimate company or service provider. Users can open such emails without hesitation and infiltrate the malware machine. It is important to note that any digital object, including images, documents, pdf files and .xe files, can be infected.

If you click on pop-up ads and fraudulent banners on your screen while browsing the web, your computer will be infected with the Blackbite virus. These ads often link your browser to suspicious websites, which often contain malicious code that triggers an automatic download of malware onto your computer. Avoid downloading pornographic and torrent sites along with illegal software. They are also often used by criminals to distribute malware such as the Blackbite virus. We have compiled a list of security measures to help protect your computer from future virus attacks. Be sure to review the precautions listed after this article.

Cobalt strike

“It is designed to handle targeted attacks by enemy simulation software and reflects the complex threat actors’ post-exploitation behavior.” Cobalt Strike is a full-featured commercial remote access program used to access a computer from anywhere. In addition, Cobalt Strike’s post-use interactive capabilities include full ATT and CK methods, all implemented in a single integrated system.

Why is BlackByte ransomware considered the most malicious?

Cybercriminals who use BlackByte ransomware use the vulnerability of Microsoft Exchange ProxyShell to gain temporary access to private networks and to run web shells on poorly configured Microsoft Exchange servers. Blackbyte ransomware manufacturers often demand large sums of money in digital currencies such as bitcoin. In particular, most file-encoding viruses only take cryptocurrencies for their transactions.

How does ransomware infect computers?

Instead of encrypting your device, BlackByte ransomware tries to bypass most security processes, email servers and databases. BlackByte ransomware blocks Microsoft Defender on computer systems that want to encrypt.

BlackByte, like any other ransomware or crypto virus, starts by listening to the entire system. Identifies files where individuals save their credentials and data.
BlackByte encrypts data after scanning with an innovative algorithm.
Files are made unreadable by BlackByte ransomware, which creates a payment note (“BlackByterestorefiles.hta file”) that provides information on how to contact hackers for data encryption (AES Encryption) and other features.

Remove ransomware

The cyber security professional can manually remove malicious files or do this automatically using antivirus software. Manual removal of viruses is recommended only for advanced computer users. If your computer is infected with ransomware, you will need a decryption application to regain access to your data.

Malicious features of BlackByte malware

Makes unspecified changes to browser settings.
It connects to a remote server to install malware and slow down system performance.
The result is increased bandwidth usage, which slows down the internet.
It tracks your activity and collects personal data.

This makes it easier for remote attackers to access Internet accounts.

Additionally, the .BlackByte suffix is ​​added to the names of blackbyte encrypted files. Example: The file named “1.jpg” becomes “1.jpg.BlackByte”, then the file named “2.jpg” becomes “2.jpg.BlackByte” and the file name changes to “1.jpg”. Blackbite. And then leave a note titled “BlackNote Files” and “BlackByterestore” including the ransom note and the attacker’s instructions.
It also explains how to retrieve encrypted data and how much the decryption application costs.

BlackByte creators, like other ransomware killers, influence machines. These cyber attacks still want to make money by holding their victims hostage.

Blackbyte ransomware affects proxy shell errors.

Proxy shell errors found on Microsoft Exchange servers are used by hackers to launch and distribute a newer version of ransomware called BlackByte. ProxyShell has a number of issues with Microsoft Exchange.
CVE-2021-34473 Confusion error before crossing access control
CVE-2021-34523 Exchange PowerShell Server Privilege Escalation Issue.
Execute the remote code by writing the file after CVE-2021-31207 authentication.
Implementing non-standardized remote code on potential servers exploits these security vulnerabilities.

How do I protect myself from ransomware infection?

Many simple precautions can help protect your system.

Throw in unsolicited e-mailboxes with unrecognized addresses or emails with unrelated content. If the article in the email meets your expectations, check out the general correspondence. Duplicate emails always contain errors.

Use only legitimate software. In many cases, pirated software worms contain an “error fix” that disables license verification.

● The problem is that insecure applications are difficult to detect with legitimate software.

You can find this application in anti-malware forums, but blocking its use is the best option.

Use GridinSoft Anti-Malware to make sure the files you download are safe. This app protects your car.

Encrypting encrypted files

Although there is a similar ransomware that uses different keys for each assembly, Blackbyte encrypts the data using the same raw key –  AES Encryption. Only the primary key obtained from the server is required to decrypt the file. We can use the exact key to decrypt the encrypted data as indicated. It looks like a downloaded PNG file.

Which companies are affected by BlackByte ransomware?

Blackbite ransomware targets companies in various organizations around the world, including the United States, France, Australia, Italy, Austria, Croatia, as well as manufacturing, mining, food and beverage and healthcare and infrastructure. Sectors. Chile.

The end

BlackByte ransomware spreads through spam and offensive web advertising. These scammers usually claim to be employees of reputable companies and send random emails to recipients.
Attracting the attention of Internet users, the malware was unknowingly launched and the machine became infected. When the victim starts the computer, the malware is activated in the system. And then you start looking for valuable data and malicious settings.

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