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Think Global: Building an International Freelance Team

International Freelance: Your company might be based in the U.S., but have you ever wished you could hire some extra help from perhaps Japan, France, or India? With freelancing, you can source workers from nearly anywhere in the world to support your business and complete critical tasks. Smart-Techer shares some key considerations for building out your global team.

Communicate With Your Freelancers

One of the most popular apps for communication is Slack. This versatile tool allows you to send messages and set up dedicated channels to house all things related to your projects. You can also integrate your other productivity tools with Slack to make it even easier to manage your global freelancing team.

Consider time zone differences when communicating with your team members abroad. Keep track of everyone’s working hours, and use scheduling tools to easily schedule messages to be automatically sent, so you can still communicate with your team even when you’re off. International Freelance

Fund Your Freelancers

All your freelancers should be paid in a prompt and timely manner after work has been completed. Sending international payments can get tricky and expensive unless you use an online banking platform that specializes in international payments. One of these tools is Wise, which lets you send payments abroad quickly and cost-effectively.

Additionally, research the typical wages for the country from which you’re looking to hire freelancers. Freelancers are usually less expensive than full-time employees; however, make sure you’re offering fair, competitive wages if you want to attract the best talent.

Outsource Work Responsibly

Freelancing is good for many, but not all tasks. Tasks that aren’t as time-sensitive or labor-intensive are great candidates for being outsourced to freelancers. For example, a blog post that can be written and edited over the course of a month is a good task to have a freelancer complete. However, a high-stakes sales presentation that requires in-depth knowledge and tight timelines might not be ideal for a freelancer to create. Writing, photography, designing, and data entry are examples of tasks that you could have freelancers handle for you.  International Freelance

Use Social Media

Much of social media has matured from a place to share photos and status updates into a formidable network for finding professional opportunities. Increase your chances of finding talented freelancers by creating eye-catching visuals to advertise your job posting. For Instagram, you can use an online post maker to create content that’s informative and aesthetically pleasing. This simple process involves selecting a template, adding text about the job you’re looking to fill, and changing the colors to match your brand.

Register Your Business

Legally register your company before taking on freelancers. You can form an LLC quite easily and take advantage of tax benefits and legal protections. If you want to save money, you can avoid going through a lawyer and start an LLC yourself using an online formation service.

Grow Your Team

Thanks to the internet, you have the ability to hire people from all over the world. Set up communication channels, attract the best talent with social media, and become a legally registered business to help you succeed as a global employer. Before long, you’ll have a tremendous team assembled that can help your business succeed.

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