Nag Tibba Trek

The Trip To Remember  – Nag Tibba Trek

Nag Tibba Trek: This trek is generally for transitional trekkers and yes novices can likewise finish this trek however with little trouble. There are two methods for arriving at the trekking region: possibly you head out 10 km to the trekking region from Pantwari town or you stroll for 5 km to the trekking region from Pantwari town. This trek is situated in the lesser Himalayas in Uttarakhand and 3000 m(9840 ft.) from ocean level.

What is the best opportunity to visit Nag-Tibba?

For voyagers who need to encounter the view with snowfall and snow trekking, the best chance to visit Nag-Tibba is between November — March. As per prepared trekkers, Nag-Tibba trek is brilliant in each long stretch of the year. The mid-year season is charming and grand.

Where is Nag-Tibba and how to get there?

You, first and foremost, need to arrive at Dehradun, from that point you will find a transport for Mussoorie at the entry of the Railway Station. In the wake of arriving at Mussoorie which is approx. 35 km from Dehradun you have two to arrive at Pantwari:

-It is possible that you take a public or confidential taxi for Pantwari which will cost Rs. 600 — Rs. 1200 for a full circle.

-Or then again, you take rentals which will cost approx. Rs. 850 for every individual for a full circle.

Experience and Guide to Nag-Tibba :

Day 1: After arriving at Pantwari you can take an aide from the town. The best opportunity to begin trekking is 3:00 p.m, this will take 2-3 hrs (5 km) to arrive at the campground. Subsequent to arriving at the camping area you can partake in the view and open air fire. That second is remarkable, the virus breeze, the open sky, and the brilliant night sky.

Eating under the open sky brimming with stars. I guarantee that the scene can never evaporate from your psyche.

Day 2: Highly Recommended to begin the trek in the early morning between 4:00 am — 6:00 am. It will take 4-5 hrs (7 km to reach the highest point. I would energetically suggest that you don’t remain on the highest point evening on a radiant day in light of the fact that the snow begins to dissolve around 11:00 am and it could get excessively unsafe while you descend from the culmination.

Best Time To Do Nag Tibba Trek

The best chance to visit the Nag Tibba trek is from October to March. Nonetheless, if you need to see the snow and Nag Tibba climb in a whitish hug, go at whatever month between January to March.

We went in March, and it was excessively hot during the day, yet as we climbed from the headquarters towards the culmination, the temperature started to drop, and the crisp breeze was presently hitting our cheeks.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Going To Nag Tibba Trek

The following are a couple of fundamental things you ought to note down in the event that you’re wanting to do the Nag Tibba trek:

-Contingent on the season, pack fundamental garments. Try not to underrate the cold since you’re coming from a more sweltering district.

-Get some energy promoters for the way — chocolates, glucose powder, or caffeinated drinks.

-Keep more than one container of water. There’s just a single wellspring of freshwater between the beginning stage and the headquarters. Notwithstanding, you’ll experience a couple of shops selling lemon water on the off chance that it’s the mid year.

-On the off chance that you’re not an accomplished trekker or coming interestingly, it’s all set by means of a trek facilitator or travel planner. We have a confided in association. In the event that you need it, if it’s not too much trouble, contact Misfit Wanderers.

-Guarantee you have support for climbing. Either purchase a trekking post or take an impermanent wooden stick from Pantwari town. Your trek guide will assist you with the last option.

-Additionally, in the event that there’s snow, if it’s not too much trouble, purchase snow trekking shoes or snow boots to keep away from genuine mishaps. On the other hand, you can get them on lease from Dehradun and Mussoorie.

-You will require somewhere around two days to effortlessly cover and partake in the Nag Tibba trek

Convenience in Nag Tibba

In the event that you have booked your trek through a travel service, they will as of now have convenience arranged. Assuming you are doing with next to no travel service, you will track down convenience in Pantwari town and at the headquarters.

In any case, it is great to book ahead and visit in the slow time of year to keep away from any tussle. Once more, we have confided in contacts, so kindly connect with the Misfit Wanderers to do the Nag Tibba trek.


Along these lines, this movement guide will assist you with arranging your Nag Tibba trek effectively. You currently know how you will arrive at Nag Tibba and the reasonable things you really want to remember. Also, you know which devices and adornments will help you.

Nag Tibba is the most noteworthy top in the lower Himalayan area and one of the most mind-blowing snow treks in India. It not just offers normal vistas that will snare you perpetually, yet it is perhaps the most effectively open treks in Indium.

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