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Sympathy and funeral flowers to buy in New Jersey

Floral tributes in New Jersey: When a person you know loses a dear one, you’re at a loss of words. It’s never easy to know what a person is going through and what words would be comforting. At such times, flowers are your best friends. Meeting the bereaved person with flowers or sending sympathy flowers is the best gesture to express that you are with them. Local florists offer a wide variety of sympathy floral tributes in New Jersey. You can pick the best flowers of your choice from there.

However, not all flowers are appropriate for funerals. Here’s a list of the most popular sympathy flowers.


These blooms come in various colors. For funeral bouquets, red, pink, and white carnations are mostly used. You can get an arrangement of red carnations to show love and devotion. Red carnations help you express that you are with them. Or you can also choose pink carnations as a sign of remembrance of the loved one who has passed on. So, pick a single color or mix both to create a beautiful bouquet or wreath from the local Jersey City florists and express your condolences.


Chrysanthemums are seen as a symbol of grief in many cultures across the world. In Asian countries, Chrysanthemums are often carried to funerals as a sign of grief. Whereas, in European countries, the blooms are considered a symbol of death. They are often used on graves. In the US, Chrysanthemums are considered light-hearted blooms used in funerals to honor the life of the lost one. However, when it comes to colors, choose white or light-colored chrysanthemums for funerals. The yellow or orange ones are generally reserved for happy occasions. So, choose a pastel-colored chrysanthemums arrangement and send it via New Jersey flower delivery services.


Lilies are one of the most popular flowers used in funerals and memorial services. They are symbols of hope, love, peace, and harmony. Lilies are perfect to send when someone is grieving. White lilies are especially popular at funerals for their serene and calm nature. So, send a bouquet of white lilies to the person grieving the loss of a dear one. You can also send them white or pink calla lily potted plants. Use online plant delivery in New Jersey services and get them delivered at their doorstep.


Like carnations, roses come in different shades and each shade has a different meaning. While red roses are perfect to express love, yellow roses represent positivity, cheer, and friendships. For funerals, white, yellow, pink, or peach roses are perfect. Though white roses remain the popular choice for sympathy flowers, you can also choose to send yellow roses. They are a sign of warmth and friendship. Also, pink/ peach roses are appropriate as sympathy flowers as they symbolize sincerity, admiration, and grace. The local florists in Lyndhurst NJ offer a wide variety of rose bouquets. Pick any of the colors or combine them all in an arrangement and send it to your loved one.


Orchids tell of eternal love due to their ability to last longer than other flowers. Best to send to people who have lost their significant other, orchids are one of the most popular sympathy flowers. Choose white or pink orchids for funerals as they symbolize memories, remembrance, and innocence. If you can’t be at a memorial service in person, get classic orchids from Flower NOW and send them to a loved one grieving a loss.

So now you know which flowers are perfect for funerals and memorial services. To get the flowers delivered within hours, use services like same day flower delivery in NJ by online florists like flower now.

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