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So You Want to Be a Digital Nomad

The number of people that have begun working remotely since the Covid-19 pandemic changed the way we worked continues to grow. Employers are finding that workers are actually more productive when they work from home. And even more people have taken to entrepreneurship as a way to work from home. 

And taking it even further, working from home can be anywhere you want to call home. If you want to take your job on the road and call the world your home, then you can become what is known as a “digital nomad.”

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What You’ll Need

First of all, you’ll need a skill or profession that can be done via the internet. Careers like web design, writing, graphic design, virtual assistant, social media management, and many others don’t involve in-person involvement. 

If you’re not there yet with your skills, consider learning something you can transfer into remote work by taking online courses. Check this out for options in getting an education with a career you can take on the road, especially those in IT, which is one of the best careers for those who want to work from anywhere. With those, you can continue to work your current job and study at your own pace and on your own schedule. 

You’ll also need a reliable, fast, and tough laptop. Before investing, you will also need to consider its weight, battery life, processing power, and size. It’s worth your time and definitely money to spend a lot of time looking at all your options to find the one that will work best for you. Remember, this will be your office, everything you need to do your job. 

You may also need specific software and tools for your work, such as project management software, a virtual private network (VPN), and cloud storage. Invoicing software is good for helping you keep track of outstanding payments and invoices. Most will allow you to set up reminders and even send the invoices out on a pre-made schedule. 

Business cards are important because you’ll be meeting so many people, any of whom could become future clients. Designing your own business cards with a business card-making template means you can always have some ready to print, no matter where you are. 

Freelancer as a Business 

If your nomad career means you’re your own boss and the business is your own, then you’ll have to proceed as a business owner with all the rules and regulations that go with that. 

You’ll need to structure your business as either a sole proprietorship, a corporation, or an LLC. Many digital nomads choose to structure as an LLC since it provides a wall between your personal and business finances, requires less paperwork, and is something you can set up yourself using an online formation service. 

Check with the state or city where your home base is located to find out what licenses and permits are required. You will also need to have a tax ID number or an EIN. A tax identification number, or TIN, is a unique nine-digit number that identifies you to the IRS. It’s required on your tax return and requested in other IRS interactions.  

Where You’ll Work From

Your most pressing need by far is fast internet, and right behind that is cellular service. Any large city and even smaller cities and towns will have it. Even if you travel outside the U.S., it shouldn’t be too hard to find. Some cities are really popular for digital nomads, and they include more than Wi-Fi access, like affordable housing and easy transportation. It’s also helpful to be in a place that has shared workspaces to have access to printers and mailing and shipping services. 

Then, of course, you’ll want a place to keep you entertained when you’re not working. Choosing a place to live that suits your lifestyle and interests is one of the best parts of being a digital citizen of the world. Do a good bit of research ahead of time and talk to other nomads who have been there to get a good lay of the land. There are a lot of digital nomad online communities like those on Facebook. 

Thanks to the beauty of today’s technology, including the opportunity to learn a skill to become a digital nomad with online classes, means anyone, anywhere, can live the digital nomad life. 

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