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Revolutionize Your iPhone Experience: 10 Amazing Siri Hacks Revealed

Siri is a great personal assistant, and using siri hacks powers range from making you more organized to helping you figure out your destination to giving you directions to get there.

Here are our 10 favorite ways Siri can improve your productivity at work, at home, or simply when using your device.

1. Launching an app

Perhaps one of the simplest tasks Siri can perform, and often one of the most overlooked. Just think of how many times you’ve gone through page after page of app icons, looking for the right icon when all you had to say was “Start Facebook.”

2. Answering Questions

You can use Siri to search the Internet by prefixing your question with “Google.” For example, you can “Google the best iPad games.”However, don’t forget that Siri can answer many basic questions without opening a web browser. Ask: “How old is Paul McCartney?” or “How many calories are in a donut?” Even if you don’t know the exact answer, you can get relevant information. Ask: “Where is the Leaning Tower of Pisa?”” may not give you “Pisa, Italy,” but the Wikipedia page will.

3. Mark an event or meeting on your calendar

You can also use Siri to add a meeting or event to your calendar. This event will also appear in your notification center on the specified day, making it easy to stay on top of your meetings. Just ask it to “schedule a meeting” to get started.

4. Start a timer countdown

We often discover new uses for Siri depending on how our friends use it. Shortly after release, a friend visited Siri and used Siri as a timer to cook eggs. Just say “timer two minutes” and you’ll get a countdown.

5. Take a Quick Note

Using Siri can also be as simple as creating a note. “Note that the average speed of an unloaded swallow is 24 miles per hour.“ All notes you take, including Monty Python trivia, are saved in the Notes app.

6. Create a list

Siri also creates lists. You can create a checklist by saying “Create shopping list.” Once Siri starts, you’re ready. You can add things by saying “Add tomatoes to shopping list.” You’ll find the list in the Reminders app, and a checkbox will appear next to the items so you can mark them as done.Use Siri as a Calculator
Another often overlooked feature that falls into the “answering questions” category is using Siri as a calculator. It can be a simple question, “What is six times twenty-four?” or a practical question like, “What is twenty percent of fifty-six dollars and forty-two cents?” You can even ask him, “Graph X squared plus two.”

7. Location Reminders

Adding addresses to your contact list may seem like a lot of work, but it could have a huge productivity benefit. In fact, you can use addresses to make getting directions much easier. “Get directions to Dave’s house” is much easier than giving Siri the full address. But you can also set reminders for yourself. “Remind me to give Dave his birthday present when I get home” actually works, but you need to have reminders turned on in your location services settings.(Don’t worry. Siri will point you in the right direction the first time you use this feature. Isn’t that great?)

8. Voice Dictation

You can use Siri voice dictation virtually anywhere you can type. The standard on-screen keyboard has a microphone button.Tap it and you can dictate instead of typing.

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9. Find a Place to Eat

The best thing about Siri is that when you ask it to “recommend a restaurant,” it will rank them based on their Yelp rating, making it easier for you to choose. You can also choose a specific Specify type of food, like “Search for nearby pizza places.”

10. Check nearby traffic

Don’t want to get stuck in traffic? You can ask Siri to check nearby traffic to see which roads are congested. This works great if you connect your iPhone to your car. via CarPlay.

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