Twitter Employees quit musk

Know More about Twitter employees question Parag Agrawal over layoffs post !

Twitter Employees quit musk: Twitter Inc CEO Parag Agarwal told employees on Monday that the future of social networks is uncertain after the privatization deal for billionaire Elon Musk came to an end. He was speaking at a company-wide meeting heard by Reuters.

Musk later told staff that he would join the Twitter staff for the Q&A session.

When Agarwal heard questions from employees about Musk’s plans for the company, the possibility of layoffs, and the board’s arguments, he set aside a number of questions to ask Musk.

Twitter should be a platform for freedom of expression, Musk said. Former US President Donald Trump, who was permanently suspended from Twitter last year, will be allowed to return if Musk takes office, the staff asked Agarwal. twitter employees quit musk

“Once the deal is closed, we don’t know where the platform will go,” Agarwal said, referring to Trump’s question. “When we get a chance to talk to Elon, I believe this is an issue we need to talk to him about.”

Agarwal told the staff that he had no plans to quit his job.

Brett Taylor, president of Twitter, looks forward to giving employees the priority of “business continuity” until the end of the contract with Musk.

I think we’re looking forward to giving the team a chance (deal) to make the company a success between signing and closing the contract, “said Taylor.

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