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How Much Does Glovo Like Food Delivery App Development Cost?

One cannot imagine their life without on-demand apps. Especially after the pandemic ended, these solutions observed their popularity growing. Services like food delivery observed their apps getting the maximum number of downloads and installs.

If we go by statistics, the global online food delivery services market size saw growth become $128.32 billion in 2022. These numbers will continue to grow and become $143.05 billion in 2023. These figures suggest the valuation of the solutions is huge, and their popularity shall remain high in the years to come.

Looking at these attractive figures; it becomes clear that we have many food delivery apps in the market that have been responsible for customers remaining driven towards installing them and ordering meals. Visiting the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, you will come across many such solutions that have helped users in this task. We will nevertheless be talking in detail about Glovo here in this article.

All About Glovo

Launched in 2015, Glovo is a Spain-based food delivery app that helps customers living there; and in South-West Europe, Eastern Europe, and Sub-Saharan Africa to get quick meals delivered to their doorstep.

The app is created with the USP – maximize simplicity. Keeping this tagline in mind; the delivery vendors make available meals to customers through a user-friendly accessible package. Additionally, with its commitment to timely delivery; the app makes sure to provide meal delivery within a span of a few minutes only.

All these factors are responsible for the solution observing its popularity growing manifold, particularly among those who are planning to digitize their restaurant operations.

Facts and Figures We Bet You Don’t Know About Glovo

Check out these facts and figures about Glovo to understand what makes the app so popular in the first place.

    1. In 2022 there was over 76% increase in meal orders from the platform (Resource –

    2. 83% of meal orders took place from the Glovo Prime subscription mode. (Resource –

    3. Regions like Croatia, Spain, and Italy cite their love for the platform with the consumers there preferring to order meals from the platform by providing the delivery drivers extra tips. (Resource –

    4. Sunday observes the maximum number of meal orders being made. (Resource –

    5. December 18th, 2022 was the busiest day when the meal deliveries placed were at their peak. (Resource –

6. The platform delivered over 1.2 million meals for social causes and saved over 603.7 tonnes of food. (Resource –

What Do These Figures Entail?

These figures suggest that the Glovo-like food app has a lucrative scope and has the potential to allow the food delivery market to generate more revenues in the near future. Therefore, if you are running an offline restaurant, and wish to digitize your operations through an app developed on similar lines, you must keep costs in check.

How Much Does It Cost to Build Glovo Like Food App?

When you are in the process to digitize your offline restaurant operations, or for that matter are planning to build an online restaurant, apart from knowing the steps, the cost area is important to place focus on too. Particularly when you want to develop an online food app like Glovo, it is critical to focus on the finances too.

  1. Features

Based on the number of features that you include in your food delivery app like Glovo; the budget will automatically go up. Here, you need to note; that in case the features are complex; the price will be more.

Therefore, keep the features as less and as useful as you can so that you can keep your finances within the limit without any form of difficulty.

Here are the features that you can particularly include-

    • Social login to allow users to easily enter the app and order meals.

    • Add location to make it easy for the end-user to find restaurants nearby their vicinity and order meals.

    • Scan QR to enable the customer to simply scan the QR code at a restaurant to view its menu and place the order.

  1. Location

When you embark on the journey of food delivery app development company to develop a Glovo-like food app, while calculating the cost, another main important component that comes into play is the location.

Here, you need to remember that when you outsource these services, the cost will automatically go down. However, the quality of the product is something you need not have to worry about as it shall be at its prime.

In the pointers below; we list the price breakdown for food delivery app like Glovo in USA and India respectively.

    1. US developers charge $250 to $300 hourly.

    2. Indian development experts charge $25 to $50 hourly.

  1. Development Process

Based on the processes that are followed during food delivery app development alongside the number of hours taken, you can get an estimate of the development cost.

Take a peek at the table below to get clarity on this aspect in detail. 

Different Development StagesAndroid  (Number of Hours and Cost) iOS (Number of Hours and Cost) 
UI/UX Design 110 hours – $220090 hours – $1800
Front-End and Back-End  200 hours – $4000200 hours – $4000
Testing80 hours – $160080 hours – $1600 
App Development400 hours – $8000400 hours – $8000
  1. What Is The Solution?

With this, we have covered all the different aspects that get taken into consideration when we calculate the cost to build Glovo like food app. Here, it is important to note that there is another noteworthy way through which this becomes possible. You can build food delivery clone. Connect with a food delivery app development company upon analyzing their portfolio, and expertise and get your app development journey to the path of profits.

  1. Steps to Build Glovo App

Alongside empowering your business with the food delivery clone; you must know the steps to build the Glovo app.

  1. Know App Operations 

Have an idea of the operations of the solution before you even enter into the journey of development. For instance, when you are in the process of developing a Glovo-like food app, know how the app connects customers to restaurants nearby. This is followed by getting ideas of the support the platform provides for ordering meals and making the meal delivery process simple through connecting delivery drivers and customers. When you have an idea on this, you can be able to choose features that particularly make food delivery process smooth. 

  1. Choose Revenue Model

Glovo is known for earning its profits through charging commissions wherein 80% gets extracted through orders, while the rest of the 20% is through other delivery services present on the platform like groceries, pharmacies, etc. Hence, when you build food delivery clone on the likes of Glovo, choose an appropriate revenue model from the likes of commission, subscription charges, etc. This will help you to capture the maximum amount of profits.

  1. Select Business Model

Next, you need to select a business model. This means you understand whether you wish to open a restaurant or act as an aggregator that connects restaurants to customers. This is possible through exhaustive research that you conduct for competitors alongside the target market. When you have done this with utmost precision, you can serve customers well and earn handsome profits.

  1. Build Food Delivery Clone 

To allow your business to accomplish scalability and growth in a short time; build a food delivery clone. Connect with a company that specializes in this after assessing its portfolio. As a result of its modifiable nature, and easy-to-update feature, when you take the solution to your business advantage; you can address business and customer needs as they spring up in the future. 

  1. Wrapping Up 

Glovo dedicated to the mantra Maximize Simplicity; has gone on to entice the attention of those in the quest to build a prominent name in the food delivery space. If you are in pursuit of achieving something similar- get in touch with a dedicated partner offshore who will help you build a food delivery clone- the readymade food delivery app solution to allow you to keep your cost in check and make the food delivery app development journey memorable.

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