Floral Home Decoration

Floral Arrangements for Home Decoration

Floral Home Decoration: Decorating your home is almost incomplete without fresh flowers. It is elegant, simple, and yet so classy! Here are 6 types of floral arrangements used for home decoration that you must try for your next house event.

6 Must-Try Floral Arrangements for Home Décor

To fill up the empty corners of your home space, here are 7 amazing flower arrangement decors that you must try.

  1. Flower Bouquet

Flower bouquets at home bring about freshness in the environment. Plus, they are easily available. If you want to give your home a pastel-shade look, pick some nice peonies, roses, and lilies in subtle colors. Tie the flowers up into a bouquet and place them in a vase or jar, whatever matches your home décor. The best places for small or medium-sized flower bouquets at home are your workspace and bedside table. If you are looking for a perfectly sized and shaped flower bouquet for your bedside table, Irene’s Floral Designs has some of the best styles. Explore and pick yours.

  • Standing flower arrangements

A standing spray supported on an easel is mostly used for decorating large spaces. You can use any color of flowers for a spray. Besides sprays, there are different styles of standing floral arrangements. For instance, there are standing arrangements that use metal stands or vase-like structures. An extravagant monotone standing spray can add a touch of elegance to your home. They look the best when placed in the hallway. You can use different colored flowers, dried flowers, and foliage as well to create an attractive standing flower arrangement. You can find a wide variety of flowers in St. Louis. Thus, you can pick any color you like for your home décor standing spray.

  • Centerpieces

Centerpieces range from a simple bunch of flowers in a transparent jar to baskets and sleek vases full of flowers. So, you need to pick the centerpiece keeping in mind the table where you will place it. For instance, for large, square, or rectangular tables, you can choose taller centerpieces, that is, the ones with cylindrical vases. For smaller tables, you can choose the round centerpieces that come in small vases or baskets. They are generally covered with flowers. For tall centerpieces, you can mix lavender, foliage, gerberas, or roses. Whereas, for smaller centerpieces, you can go for round-shaped flowers like peonies, hydrangeas, baby’s breath, etc. No matter your requirement, you can always get the flowers you want via flower delivery in St. Louis. Place an order online and receive the flowers at your doorstep.

  • Wreaths

Wreaths have been a symbol of glory since ancient times. These ring-shaped arrangements were extensively used during the Greek and Roman periods. They made wreaths using flowers, ivy leaves, myrtle, etc. You can use elegant wreaths for your home décor as well. Hang them on the doors to give your home a beautiful and fresh look. For wreaths, you can use singe-colored flowers with greens, or multicolored flowers as well. You can be as creative as you want with wreaths. Pick your favorite flowers, add grapevine, ivy, holly, etc. to make the wreath look fancy.

  • Wall flower arrangements

Wall flower arrangements can be of different types. You can use crescent arrangements as wall hangings or vertical arrangements in metal frames. Choose your favorite flowers for wall arrangements. You can go for sunflowers, peonies, carnations, or dahlias mixed with appropriate greens like hanging amaranthus, grapevine, split-leaf philodendron, areca palm, etc. Try out flower delivery in Columbia MO with Irene’s Floral Designs and get any wall flower arrangements you need for your home décor. You can also order the flowers and create DIY wall flower hangings.

  • Floral arches

Floral arches are best reserved for fancy and extravagant occasions when you’re going for a luxurious décor in your home. Birthdays, anniversaries, or weddings are perfect occasions to splurge on a floral arch and decorate the doorway, garden, or backyard of your home. Generally, you should place the floral arch over the main activity area. For example, in case of birthdays, you should cut the cake under the floral arch. For weddings, you can take vows under a beautifully made floral arch. If you’re placing the floral arch outdoors, make sure that you’re using sturdy flowers that can tolerate the direct sunlight and heat/ moisture.

Got a big celebration coming up? Contact Irene’s Flower Design today and order all these amazing floral decorations to transform your home into a floral wonderland!

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