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Cushion Fillers: Finding the Best Inserts for Your Scottish Designer Cushion Covers

Here is a complete guide to discovering the perfect cushion fillers for your Scottish Designer Cushions to be soft, plump, warm and eco-friendly.

It is a common misconception among people that all cushion fillers are created equal. In reality, cushion inserts are of many different types. Choosing the right one for your set of Scottish designer cushion covers can make a huge difference in their ultimate look.

By ‘right one’, we imply an appropriate size and filling. If you are wondering how to arrive at that, we have some tips and insert classifications for you. Read ahead to learn about them.

How to Arrive at the Right-Sized Cushion Filler?

Why do you think are we so pressed on helping you find the ideal cushion fillers? The wrong ones, when enclosed within cushion covers, appear flat and cheap. They hardly reach the corners and fail to ensure the plumpness and luxuriousness your fancy designer cushions deserve.

Therefore, while buying cushion inserts online, make sure the following:

  • The cushion inserts you purchase are 2” larger than the cover. When measuring in centimetres, it must be 5-6 cm bigger. Adhere to this rule when the cushion cover is square.
  • If you are dealing with a rectangular cushion cover, an insert 1” or 2-3 cm larger than that makes perfect sense.

Filler Types in the Market

The market provides not many choices. The very few, experts have come across are:

  • Duck Feather Filling

It is one of the most popular inserts, not just for designer cushions but for all types of soft furnishings. The filling has soft and pure duck feathers, which lend extra softness, comfort and warmth to the cushions. It is naturally insulated and breathable. Plus, it’s machine washable and dry-cleanable.

When zeroing down to such a type of cushion insert, make sure it is ethically sourced. Enjoy the support and durability you deserve when using such duck feather fillings.

  • Eco Filling

Consumers are attempting to shift their choices to eco-friendly products. Don’t you think brands must encourage this? They do, to some extent. That is why you have eco-fillings available in the market. Created from recycled water bottles, these inserts perform just as high-grade polyester fibres do. The only difference you can make is to save 25-35 plastic bottles from ending up in landfills.

Apart from doing good to the environment, users can benefit from its plumpness and the way it lends a fuller look. When a certain cushion cover is stuffed with this filler, that cushion will hold its shape for long. No matter how much one applies karate chop on it, the cushion with the eco-filling will always bounce back and take back its shape.

  • Foam

Many of you may not be versed in how foam is made. It is manufactured from flexible polyurethane, a mixture of water and urethane. At the time of making, the mixture expands, and as it does, it is left to set in a mould. Afterwards, it is cut into the desired shape and size and used as a cushion and upholstery insert.

Aim for the foam where the urethane content in the mixture is high if you do not mind the expense. Such a foam type provides the perfect shape for outdoor cushions, furniture padding and sofa seat cushions. It retains its shape for a long time and proves ideal for cushions.

  • Hollow Fibre

Also recognised as ball fibre, this type of cushion insert is soft and downy. It lends a soft touch to the cushions with only a downside. Such a filling needs a good shake to retain the plumpness. If you are genuinely interested in enjoying your cushion’s comfort and durability, customise the filling to have a foam base with ball fibre surrounding it.

  • Feather Mixes

An excellent cushion filling at an inexpensive price can be a mix of down and duck feathers. Keep the ratio of duck to down percentage to 85: 15. You may also choose a 50:50 ratio for a superbly soft cushion, but again, it may get expensive.

Feather mixes as cushion inserts are good to have as long as they receive regular shaking and plumping. Therefore, make it a practice; otherwise, it may turn flat and uncomfortable.

No matter what you buy, if duck feathers catch your attention more, buy them from Baigali Designs. When compared to standard synthetic cushion fillers, the ones it features are 20% more durable. Plus, this provider of Scottish designer cushions ensures rigid sterilisation to eliminate allergens, dander and microbes. So, the option is 100% safe here.

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