Ayurvedic massage oil

Ayurvedic massages, and how does it help us?

Ayurveda is a school of medicine that originated from the Indian subcontinent. These treatments and recovery processes are centered around the aspect of nature and its derivatives.

Ayurveda or ayurvedic treatment, as we refer to it, is a blanket term commonly used for a multitude of treatments, namely curated diets, meditation, specially crafted massages, yogas, naturally sourced medicines, etc.

Acceptance of Ayurveda

In India, Ayurveda is recognized as a certified form of medicine. They undergo formal medical training and certification processes, just like the ones necessary for western medical treatments. In numerous countries worldwide, Ayurveda is practiced in some form or the other.

Essentiality of massage in Ayurveda

As aforementioned, Ayurveda does not include a single form of treatment and is a collective term. It believes that wellness can be achieved in the human body by lifestyle improvement, maintaining a proper diet, massage using proper techniques, and proper ayurvedic massage oil.

Massages play a critical role in Ayurveda. They are done using various massage oils and movements. The essentiality of massage is that it enables penetration of the oils through the skin and hastens the healing process.

These are the certain benefits that massages with good quality massage oils provide-

  • Improves blood circulation.
  • Releases muscle soreness and eases cramps.
  • Improves skin health.
  • Head massages help ease headaches.
  • Regular massaging with ayurvedic massage oil reduces muscle stiffness.
  • Massaging of the scalp helps improve hair health and hair growth.

Types of Ayurvedic massage

Ayurvedic massage are done by trained ayurvedic masseurs and is just one of the many forms of treatment administered under Ayurveda.

  1. Abhyanga- This is a full body massage with various oils, depending on the patient’s medical condition. This is done by actuating pressure points and helps in detoxifying and improving blood circulation.
  1. Udvartana- This is a form of  massage which employs the use of massage powders. This helps in detoxification, improves the mobility of joints, improves the skin, and helps in weight loss and remedy Kapha dosha.
  1. Garshana- This is a form of  massage which does not need any form of oils or powders and employs raw silk gloves for stimulation. This form of massage helps in detoxifying, improving skin health, and reduction of fat.
  1. Pizhichil- Here, a Kindi (specialized vessel) is used to apply warm massage oil during the process. The oils generate heat and perspiration is needed to stabilize Vata dosha.
  1. Shirodhara- Here, a constant flow of massage oil is used. The masseuse applies the oil to the scalp to stimulate nerves. This cures headaches, improves focus and releases tension, and helps us to calm down.

Types of Ayurvedic massage oil

Ayurvedic herbal massage oils mainly comprise two parts, which are the healing herbs mixed with a base oil, like coconut oil, sesame oil, etc. Ayurvedic massage oil

The best method of application of ayurvedic oils is massaging them onto the skin as part of a daily abhyanga routine so that it penetrates the skin and into the tissues more efficiently. Ayurvedic oils are helpful in numerous ways, like relieving stress, relaxing muscles , and providing overall wellness.

Some common and widely used types of ayurvedic oils are-

  • Coconut oil- This is a very common form of  massage oil that helps us in keeping our skin moist, glowing, and healthy.
  • Sesame oil- This is highly helpful as a face and body massage oil.
  • Sunflower oil- This contains linoleic and oleic acid which helps maintain a healthy level of cells in our skin.
  • Neem oil- It is used not only as a base for other healing herbs but also helps maintain skin elasticity when used on its own.
  • Amla oil- Helps in maintaining scalp moisture and encourages natural hair growth.
  • Jethimad- Helps sustain natural hair shine.
  • Olive oil- A good olive oil massage helps to maintain and improve blood circulation, which inturn helps in sustaining muscle and bone health.
  • Orange, lavender, rose oils- These oils bring with them a very pleasant aroma naturally, which helps in lifting our moods and spirits and increases positivity.
  • Castor oil-Castor oil contains anti inflammatory properties which make it extremely helpful for people suffering from arthritis and muscle pains. Ayurvedic massage oil
  • Ylang Ylang- This oil helps us relax in a natural and holistic manner after a hard day of work.

Besides these, there are a number of specialized massage oils available in the market from various brands which maybe used for a myriad of other therapeutic purposes.

These are just some of the various ayurvedic massage oil that are available which help us in a holistic and natural healing and recovery process, without any side effects or exposure to harmful chemicals.

Final verdict

As we know, Ayurveda and ayurvedic massage is a serious field of medicinal study and healing. It is advised that we consult a certified ayurvedic practitioner or doctor before using any massage oils or powders. Since each person is different and their needs vary greatly, no two cases can be treated as the same and supervision is necessary while undergoing ayurvedic massage or ayurvedic massage oil therapies.

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