Alien isolation codes

Alien isolation codes

Alien isolation codes: TickToker Anonymous recently made unusual claims about 2022. Users claim that people call him a “fake” time traveler, but he can prove that he is not acting. The video mentions three dates: March 15, June 22 and August 2, when an important event will take place.
For centuries, scientists have wondered and tried to find signs that could give them a clue about the existence of aliens. Many TV shows and movies have been made about aliens and their conquest of Earth, but what if you were told that your planet once had an alien civilization? The time traveler predicted 2022. Although the validity of this “assessment” is doubtful, it certainly excites the mind of the reader.

Similarly, the anonymous TickToker recently published a strange announcement about 2022. According to, the user of the @ pasttimetravel account said that an underground alien race will be discovered on Earth in August 2022. Apparently, the prediction went viral on social networks. The mass media. The user claims that people call him a “fake” time traveler, but he can confirm that he is not pretending. The video mentions three dates. March 15, June 22 and August 2.
On March 15, a volcano erupted, and a cloud of ash formed over half the world. And on June 22, the plane disappeared a month before its return. There is something else. Further, the video claims that, although the plane will have more time to disappear, they will insist that it was not there for only three hours.

Finally, on August 2, people will communicate with the “underground civilization”.

Whether this is true or false, we do not yet know. But it is interesting enough to show the consequences if it turns out to be true!

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