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5 Best Ways To Establish Good Leave Management

Probably the foremost important part of any business setting is to consider the attendance of employees. It’s a basic right of an employee to take leaves because they work hard for their company. This starts with a good Leave management system and which can be achieved by reading this article.

Good leave management improves the atmosphere of the company as it created a win-win situation for employees and the company. You may consider the physical health and mental well-being of employees and helps boost work-life balance. An honest work-life balance has many positive effects, including a lower risk of burnout, great health, and increased productivity.

What Is Leave?

Leave is taking a day off from the company. All countries have different leave policies that entitle different leave to employees everywhere the year. Leaves are provided to employees by their organizations which will be paid or unpaid.

Leave Management:

Leave Management is a crucial practice in HR. It should be properly managed otherwise it’s going to cause errors, management mishaps, loss of productivity loss, and far more.

A Leave Management system is a process within an organization that deals with how to request leave, approve it, and track balances. Leave management in the company is all about making sure that the company provides this basic right for all employees, in a manner that does not affect day-to-day operations.

Challenges Are Faced When Don’t Have A Leave Management System

If you don’t have the proper software for leave management in HRMS, then you may face this kind of challenge. Here are some,

●      Legal Complications

When you count leaves with emails and sheets, you may do some errors. Because tracking leave requests through emails and Excel sheets are often a time-consuming activity if you have to search for previous leave data for every employee. When the leave request is not managed by policy HR may face some legal complications. HR cannot identify patterns of leave requests by employees who take undue advantage of the leave policy.

●      Unauthorized Absence   

If you don’t adopt good management and don’t create proper leave policies, you will face unauthorized absences that could be uninformed.

●      Lack Of Customer Service

If today is the date of project delivery and your project manager is absent. Then it can cause customer dissatisfaction. This can happen if one among your star performers is on a well-deserved holiday and you have poor timesheet management.

●      Employee Productivity Issues

If you’re managing leaves manually then your employees are uninformed of their leave balance to the project manager or lead. If this is going to happen, it may increase the burden on other employees, which further results in long-term effects.

●      Payroll Issues

This is an obvious thing, if there is an issue with leave counting; you find an issue in payroll with manual calculations. This will cause employee dissatisfaction, which causes low morale. Having different types of leaves and all leaves must be calculated properly is needed.  Leave miscalculations can cause excessive financial costs.

●      Time-Off Management Issues

Employees are taking multiple leaves, and with manual counting, you cannot easily count this. HR may face more than 100 queries and that eats up a lot of HR’s time. Also, application, approval, and rejection payment will be pending and it more difficult to access leave even if they are working hard.

How To Use Leave Management With Best Practices?

As you know, a good leave management system is an asset for HR and managers. If you found challenges for that, here are a number of the best practices to avoid such issues:

●      Make Clear Policy

First and foremost thing to do best practice, you should create a perfect leave policy. Also, it should be easy to implement and universal.

●      Integrate And Automate The Leave Management Process

Even if you already purchased leave management in HRMs, it should be integrated with all other systems as well such as attendance management & payroll management. If the system can help to customize all processes with clarity can help HR with easy management.

●      Provide A Help And Support

Consider a system that provides help and support, so If any queries arise, clear them and promote consistency.

●      Get Help On Legal Terms

Every HR does not know everything. Consider the system that has already installed some legal terms and policies. It can make practices best with flexibility.

●      Evaluate The Leave Management System

Refine policies and processes regarding accuracy, compliance, and transparency.Get outside assistance on legal terms.

How To Automate Leave Management?

Leave management in HRMS is a platform that automates every step of leaves such as applying leaves, approval or rejection of leaves, balance checks, and reporting from anywhere.

Anyone can do all things with one click, whether checking for employees’ history or ensuring enough resource availability at any point in time.

●      Configurable All Fields

This is the first and foremost step, when you installed leave management software just configure every field like leave type, policy, holiday calendar, etc. It should be customized as per company features.

●      All-In-One Dashboard

There are different kinds of features available in leave management. Check and automate the system all in one dashboard just like time in and out, working hours, leave balance, history and etc.

●      Timesheet And Attendance Management

As leave management is important, automating its timesheet and attendance management should be there and integrated with it.

●      Integrate With Payroll

Payroll needs employee attendance, and that’s why leave management should be integrated with payroll management. And that’s why an employee can get a salary on time and accurately.

●      Analytics And Reports

For future process and performance management, data tracking is important. Reports and analytics simplify all the reports by showing applications, approvals & rejections.

 In Short,

The leave management system has made the life of HR easier and helped them to increase their productivity. A perfect leave management system will surely be an advantage and help your company grow. Now, you’ve got a clear roadmap to build and improvise your leave system. If you’ve got defined policies, automate them with software that considers legal compliance, and therefore the best software like UBS, you will reap the rewards in the long run.

UBS – The company provides an effective leave management system to simplify the workload of HR professionals, which enables them to instead work on their core responsibilities.

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