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4 Tech-Related Projects Entrepreneurs Should Consider Outsourcing in 2023

Managing IT-related projects for a small business often poses a major challenge for entrepreneurs. Not only are IT projects, such as database management, website creation, and more, crucial for the success of the business, but they also require expertise to build, maintain and update on a consistent basis. While not all small businesses have the in-house expertise for these projects, outsourcing is always an option. Outsourcing tech projects helps businesses save time, reduce costs and ensure the quality of work remains consistent. In this article by Smart-Techer, we’ll explore the best tech-related tasks entrepreneurs should consider outsourcing. 

  1. Cybersecurity

While there are a host of cybersecurity solutions available in the market, most of them are not one-size-fits-all solutions. Additionally, while installing anti-malware/virus software on all business devices is a good start, there are a host of other cybersecurity measures that should be taken by outsourcing this task to professionals who specialize in creating firewalls, establishing secure servers, and conducting frequent security audits. 

Hiring a reputed cybersecurity firm will be the best choice for small businesses, as they can have a dedicated account manager to update and maintain cybersecurity measures according to their needs. 

  1. App Development

When it comes to directly interacting with customers, there is no medium better than a mobile application. According to research by Build Fire, 21% of millennials open mobile apps at least 50 times a day. Additionally, 49% of all mobile users open apps more than 11 times a day.

In the era of smartphones, customers are accustomed to having everything they need on their phones. Through an app, businesses make it easy for customers to interact with their brand, learn about products and make purchases. However, creating an app from scratch is a tedious and challenging endeavor. 

But don’t fret, as there are a host of app development agencies that have teams of experienced professionals spanning the disciplines of UX, UI, and front and back-end programming who can take your vision and requirement for an application and make it into a reality. Additionally, you can hire an in-house coder to oversee this project and customize it based on your requirements.

  1. E-commerce

In addition to a mobile application, having an e-commerce store is the need of the hour for small businesses as well. This is because more people than ever before are shopping online and expect brands to sell products through digital mediums such as social media platforms, websites, and online retail platforms. 

Using a unified e-commerce platform can help small businesses create intuitive, engaging, and personalized shopping experiences. More importantly, these experiences can be omnichannel, allowing customers to purchase products from their choice of platform. Moreover, a unified e-commerce platform provides additional features such as inventory management, data analytics, and almost endless customization capabilities, allowing businesses to provide customers with personalized shopping experiences while keeping costs to a minimum. Here is a great resource for businesses looking for the best commerce solutions.

  1. Business Formation

The way a business is formed has a major impact on its organization and tax liabilities. For instance, establishing your business as an LLC will provide the benefits of personal liability protection, tax breaks, and ease of expansion in the future, as reported by Management Library. While entrepreneurs can choose to establish the business themselves, the cost-effective and time-saving option is to partner with an online formation service that will manage the gamut of registration responsibilities for you. 

While outsourcing is a great tool for entrepreneurs to grow their businesses, maintaining control over these projects will require a sound understanding of their requirements and limitations. Whether you need to learn coding from scratch or need a refresher course, there are online resources to help you develop a sound understanding of this discipline.

As explored in this article, small business owners can greatly benefit from outsourcing tech-related tasks in relation to key business projects such as -app development, e-commerce, business formation, and cybersecurity. Additionally, to stay on top of these requirements, entrepreneurs can leverage online resources to brush up on their coding skills and steer their businesses to success. 

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