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Vinyl Wood Flooring: What makes it a perfect indoor flooring choice?

Grey vinyl wood : Flooring is one of the key essentials of a room. Whether you are designing the interiors of your new house or renovating an existing space, floors are the very first thing that should you be your priority. Not only does it impacts the aesthetics of the room but also determines the utility and safety of the space. Floors are one of the most used parts of your house, therefore, should be nice-looking, comfortable, and of good quality. While shopping for flooring in Glasgow, it is important that you prioritize quality and durability over anything else. Well, of course! You can’t opt for frequent floor replacements as they can be expensive and time-taking.

Among so many flooring options available in the market, vinyl wood flooring is one of the most trending and preferred flooring types by homeowners. The elegance and luxury design coupled with high durability contribute to the growing popularity of vinyl as an ideal indoor flooring choice. Vinyl flooring suits almost every theme and can be a great highlight for the overall room interior. Vinyl wood flooring has all the warmth, charm, and elegance that of hardwood flooring and at the same time, saves you from the hectic maintenance that hardwood flooring requires. The key features of vinyl such as resistance to moisture, versatility, and longevity make it a multi-purpose flooring in Glasgow that you can use in varied indoor areas across the house.

Vinyl Flooring: What is it?

Also known as resilient flooring, vinyl wood flooring is made from artificial and natural polymer materials such as polyvinyl chloride plastic (PVC). The PVC material is heated and compressed into thin layers that are shaped to form vinyl planks, tiles, etc. The vinyl floorings are available in other varieties also that are a combination of PVC and other materials. For example, the combination of PVC and wood is used for making a unique type of flooring known as WPC. Similarly, a combination of PVC and stone known as the SPC is also available in the market.

No matter which combination of vinyl flooring you choose, high durability and versatility is guaranteed. These floors have high resistant properties that make them suitable for areas with heavy footfall and impact. The vinyl surface can withstand constant impact, pressure, and exposure to dust, water, and sunlight. Hence, vinyl flooring in Glasgow remains a top choice for varied high-traffic areas in both residential as well as commercial spaces.

Vinyl Flooring: Types & Finishes

The vinyl wood flooring is available in a wide range of colors, designs, and texture options. Not just that, the vinyl flooring is manufactured in different variants that offer distinct advantages such as extra moisture resistance, smooth marble-like surface finish, etc. Broadly speaking, vinyl flooring is available in three different types and finishes that are discussed as follows:


  • Sheets: Vinyl sheets are one of the most common types of vinyl wood flooring that is available in sheet rolls that are 6-12 ft. approx. They are mostly designed to mimic tiles and wood.
  • Plank: Vinyl plank flooring is popular for the richness and deep wood texture it reflects. These have a foam core that ensures rigidness and firmness like that of hardwood.
  • Tiles: As the name suggests, the vinyl tile flooring comes in square blocks that are put together to give the look of stone tiles. These tiles are mostly designed using 3D printers to mimic real stone and traditional wooden surfaces.


  • No wax: It is the lightest type of vinyl flooring that is ideal for areas with less traffic and minimal exposure to water, dust, and sunlight.
  • Urethane: This is heavier as compared to the no-wax vinyl flooring and is ideal for areas with average footfall and can last up to years if maintained properly. These are also resistant to scratches and can be easily cleaned.
  • Advanced urethane: Advanced urethane finish is the most durable and high-quality vinyl flooring available on the market. They have a tough surface that can withstand heavy traffic areas and constant exposure to dust, moisture, and light. Minimal maintenance is required to keep the floor’s luster and smoothness intact.

Vinyl Flooring: The multiple advantages

Along with the wide range of vinyl wood flooring types and finishes available in the market, its multiple benefits makes it a perfect indoor flooring choice. Right from high durability and resistance to minimal upkeep and maintenance, this type of flooring in Glasgow is affordable to all. Hence, those who want to have the classic wooden flooring in their room interiors can have this as a perfect alternative that serves the purpose and fits in the budget as well. Some basic advantages of vinyl flooring are listed as follows:

  • Longevity: The vinyl wood flooring can last up to years if installed and maintained properly. These floors have a tough surface that does not break or get damaged easily due to pressure, impact, or any external factors.
  • Comfort: The vinyl wood flooring is quite comfortable and gives a smooth and soft feel beneath the feet. Also, some vinyl flooring also comes with a thin layer of padding that offers great comfort and slip resistance to a great extent. 
  • Easy maintenance: The vinyl floors are very easy to maintain and can last longer than other alternatives. Regular sweeping and vacuuming are sufficient to keep the floors clean and free of dust.

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