Things to know before getting an ayurvedic massage

ayurveda massage near me

ayurveda massage near me

Ayurveda massage near me: Besides relaxation, massage in Harrow can also be aimed at healing and treating health disorders. Ayurvedic massages have been well-recognized for addressing health problems and discomfort in the body while encouraging its natural healing potential.

Ayurveda, the knowledge of life is based on the principle that good health and well-being depend on the human body’s unique formation of energies, also known as the Doshas. Any imbalances in these doshas are the primary reason for acute to chronic health problems. Hence, all ayurvedic treatments are geared toward restoring the lost balance and establishing harmony between the body, mind, and spirit.

Ayurvedic massages

Abhyanga, a popular term used for an ayurvedic massage involves using warm medicated oils across the whole body to relieve physical pain and encourage stimulation and blood flow. The massage oils and liquids used during the session have high nourishing and detoxifying properties that prevent aging while allowing the skin to feel soft and shiny. Not just that, ayurvedic massages are also believed to provide asymptomatic relief from stress and anxiety issues and generate positive emotions.

So, before you look for an Ayurveda massage near me, here are certain things that you must know to understand the efficacy of this ayurvedic treatment well.

What makes Ayurvedic massages different from regular massages?

Although every massage in Harrow is intended to relax the body and leave a calming effect, what sets ayurvedic massages apart from other regular ones is the heavy usage of medicated oils and manipulation of energy fields to balance the chakras (energy centers). During the massage sessions, ayurvedic herbs are blended with other organic elements to form suitable massage oils that enter the body through the skin and pores followed by complete body detoxification.

Not just the medicated massage oils, an ayurvedic massage therapist follows specific movements and techniques throughout the session to ensure improved circulation and strengthening of the lymphatic system. Ayurvedic massages are done while clearing the body’s energy channels and flushing out toxins.

The benefits of getting an ayurvedic massage

The efforts you’d put in while looking for an Ayurveda massage near me are all worth it owing to the multiple benefits of it. Much like any other ayurvedic treatment, ayurvedic massages are prevention-oriented which encourages the body’s natural healing potential rather than treating or band-aiding the symptoms of specific health disorders. Of many, the following listed are some benefits of getting an ayurvedic massage:

  • Body detoxification & cleansing
  • Improved energy flow & blood circulation
  • Soothes body, mind, and soul
  • Leave a calming effect
  • Help deal with stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Encourage healthy well-being
  • Improve health conditions for those suffering from other health problems
  • Reestablish balance between the doshas
  • Promotes glowing & healthy skin

Ayurvedic treatments are tailored to your dosha

When you are taking an ayurvedic massage, it should correspond to your specific dosha needs and address the possible imbalances. Unlike most massages, one cannot choose from a variety of ayurvedic massages as each individual’s body is assessed to identify their unique body formation and thereby suggest suitable options. Also, some practitioners request past medical records to ensure that your body receives the nourishment that it requires post-massage.

Once the imbalanced doshas are recognized, the massage techniques and the medicated massage oils are tailored to you. Different ayurvedic oils have heating and cooling effects that are supposed to be used to resolve specific issues. Also, most ayurvedic massages will vary from the typical ones in terms of lighter strokes, unique motions across the body, etc. However, you should be least hesitant while getting an ayurvedic massage as you can expect to feel great and rejuvenated afterward.

Where to get an Ayurvedic massage?

Looking for an Ayurveda massage near me is quite easy and doesn’t require you to visit India to get an ayurvedic massage. Although Ayurveda traces its origin back to the Indian subcontinent, it is now practiced globally, helping people lead a healthy life by making significant lifestyle changes.

There are plenty of ayurvedic clinics and doctors that you can visit for an ayurvedic massage in Harrow. Ayurvedic treatments follow a holistic approach that not only cures health problems but also promotes a healthy lifestyle. However, you must consult a licensed practitioner before going for any massage sessions or taking up any treatment plans. Also, do check for the massage therapist’s credentials to confirm their expertise in ayurvedic techniques.

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Summing Up!

Since ayurvedic massages are tailored to an individual’s wellness needs, they are proven to be beneficial in many ways. Given that the massage is done by a qualified person while keeping the dosha imbalances in mind, you are sure to feel rejuvenated and relaxed. It is important to note that ayurvedic massages are not like regular massages and spa sessions that can be taken as and when one wishes to. It is a part of an overall health program that may take up to weeks and should not be left midway.

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