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Tesla Bots and Beyond: Robots Elon Musk Trailblazing

Robots Elon Musk: Job postings from Elon Musk’s Texas-based Tesla company show that Tesla plans to deploy thousands of human-like or humanoid robots in its factories.

The robots will be called Tesla Bot or Optimus. Musk says the number of Tesla bots could one day reach millions worldwide. , Musk said in a TED talk that robots could be used in homes to perform household tasks and care for the elderly. They could even become friends or adult companions. Musk also said that the robot business may be bigger than Tesla’s car business. Musk has promoted Tesla as a company that does much more than just make autonomous vehicles.

At his “AI Day” on September 30, Musk said Tesla would introduce one of the first types of robots from its Optimus project. The name of the project comes from a series of films about robots called Transformers. Musk said production of the robots could begin next year.Robotics experts, investors and researchers spoke to Reuters about robot news. They said Tesla had doubts among the public that the high cost of “general-purpose” robots would be worth it.

Tesla already employs hundreds of robots to produce its cars.

Problems Robots Face

Humanoid robots have been developed for many years by automobile companies Honda and Hyundai’s Boston Dynamics. One problem with humanoid robots is that they have problems with unpredictable situations.Shaun Azimi is the leader of NASA’s right-handed robotics team. He told Reuters: “Self-driving cars are demonstrably not as easy as previously thought.” And to some extent the same is true of humanoid robots.”

And he added: “When something unexpected happens, it is very difficult “To be flexible and resilient in the face of this kind of change.”

At an “autonomy” event in 2019, Musk promised one million autonomous taxis by 2020.Tesla has not yet produced self-driving taxis.

Experts say that even if Musk’s robots demonstrate simple skills, it will be difficult for him to show the public that the robots are as capable as humans.

Nancy Cooke is a professor of human systems engineering at Arizona State University. He said that in order for Tesla to be successful, it would have to show robots that perform various unplanned actions.

She said, “If you just make the robot walk or the robots dance, it’s done. “That’s not that impressive.”
Tesla did not respond to Reuters’ request for comment.

Optimus Plans

robots elon musk

Initially, Musk said Optimus would be used for boring or dangerous work, including moving parts in factories.

Musk has said that humanoid robots do not have enough intelligence to operate in the real world without being clearly told what to do. But he said Tesla could use its knowledge of artificial intelligence and key robotic parts to develop and mass-produce lower-cost, intelligent humanoid robots.

Tesla plans to hire many new people to work on humanoid robots. There are about 20 open positions related to the “Tesla Bot,” including jobs developing key robot parts.


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