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Recycle your flowers and give them a second life

Flower shops in New Castle Delaware: Flowers are expensive and they have a very short shelf life. This very fact keeps a lot of us flower lovers from buying flowers frequently. It feels really bad to spend hundreds of dollars on flowers and then throw them away three days later.

Well, fortunately, we have found some amazing ways to upcycle your dried up flowers and renew their usages. Here are some brilliant ways to give your flowers a second life. Looking for flower shops in New Castle Delaware? DiBiaso’s Florist is one of the most reputed online florist in this area who can deliver all types of flowers to your doorstep.

Turn into potpourri

Everyone loves potpourri and its intoxicating aroma. You can either spend hundreds of dollars on them to buy tiny sachets of potpourri from your local stores, or reuse your dried up flowers and make bowls full of potpourri by your own.

To make homemade potpourri, first, dry up your flowers in an open area but away from direct sunlight. Flower petals should not be moist from any angle. Then, you’ll need some add-ons to make your potpourri substantial. Pine cones, wood chips, dried up cider, etc. are added to flower petals. You can also add ingredients like star anise, cinnamon, cardamom, rosemary etc. for a spicy layer of fragrance. You’ll also need a few drops of different types of essential oils such as rose, jasmine, orange, pineapple, vanilla, lavender, etc. Mix everything thoroughly and keep them in an airtight container for at least a week. Finally, make small sachets with tissue paper or old socks and fill them up with your homemade potpourri.

Now you can use these sachets as gifts for your family and friends, and also hang them around your house in different corners. They will give sweet fragrance for weeks!

Make soap

The next idea is to make homemade soap with the dried up flowers. Making soaps is really easy. All you need is a few utensils and ingredients and you’re good to go. You can purchase non-fragrant, non-colored glycerin bars from your local convenience store. Cut them into small pieces and using the double boiler method, melt them thoroughly. Add some food color, a few drops of essential oils, and dried up flowers to the mix. Pour them into cute moulds and let them harden up. There, you have your own homemade floral soaps that are great for skin too!

Create floral art

You can also turn your dry flowers into beautiful wall arts. First, dry up the flowers well, and then draw beautiful patterns on your canvas. Finally, attach the dried up flowers to the canvas and fill the rest of the space with designs of your choice. You can easily get all kinds of flowers by ordering online from florists in Greenville DE.

Make candles

If you don’t like these ideas, you can also make scented candles with the flowers. The process is similar to that of making soaps. Melt organic wax and add in your ingredients, dry flowers, fragrances, and add the wick before pouring into the candle moulds.

Wilmington florists have a great collection of fragrant flowers that you can use first for decorating your home and then for making beautiful scented candles.

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