how long does it take to learn german

How much does it take to learn German?

Get answer of this question by one of the best study abroad consultant in Mumbai.

Each and everyone has their own reasons to learn the German language. Among 200 native speakers around the world, German is the highly known option.

When you plan to study in Germany, you must have planned the goals in the back of your mind. So, it is important to know how long it’ll be to accomplish them. YES Germany is one of the best studies abroad consults in Mumbai that can help you learn German.

As per FSI, it takes minimum 750 hours to learn German fluently.  This means that if you take out at least 12-15 hours a week to study German, you’ll be able to speak it like a pro in just a year!

With plenty of straightforward rules, the German language is not actually that tough to learn as most of the people think. And since English and German originates from the same language family, you might actually be surprised at the things you pick up without even trying! It totally depends on individuals’ effort to learn German.

Here are some best ways to learn German language:

  • Set yourself a goal. originates
  • Start off on the right foot.
  • Learning German should turn into a habit. 
  • Practice speaking German with online tutoring.
  • Learn new vocab in meaningful chunks.
  • Make studying German rewarding.
  • Dive into German culture with TV.

How fast can you master the language total depends on the following factors:

Amount of efforts you decide to put in learning a particular language

• How often do you practice speaking

• Find a method that is convenient for learning.

How long does it take to learn German?

Let’s get straight to the point. Although it is very difficult to give an exact estimation we’ve tried so that students get a better idea.  We are the best overseas education consultants in Mumbai that can help you learn the German language.

Beginner level

New learner must know how to introduce themselves, recognize common statements as well as ask simple questions. It is fine to make a few mistakes in the process.

Intermediate level

At this stage of study a person should be able to comprehend every day’s conversation. You should have a habit to listen videos and read the news without having any difficulty, it will help you enhance your listening and reading skills. It is important for you to able to have simple interactions with the locals on familiar topics.

Advanced level

If you’re willing to attain fluency in a particular language, then this is the goal you’re trying to achieve through advanced language proficiency. Here you should be able to navigate every circumstance that might be encountered in your daily life or while traveling around the city.

Below are some of the elements that will help you decide the time to learn German.

It’s usually the most asked question. However, there is no clear answer to the above-mentioned question. Learning is very complicated process and it differs from person to person. Some of the elements mentioned below that affect your speed to learn German:

• Your previous language learning experience

• Your learning pattern

• It is very important to dedicate some amount of time in learning a particular language

• Your level of motivation

Your previous language learning experience

Do you already speak the German language? Did you grow bilingual? If the answer for these questions is yes then you can go ahead and easily learn the German language.

If you have had experience studying foreign grammar, retaining words, listening to various sentences, and examining the different letters, it is important to know where how much difficulty you’re facing to learn a language to which you’re not familiar with.

Your learning pattern

The theory you follow is also an important factor in how quickly you master. If your learning is restricted to a classroom situation then it will obviously take more time as compared to the practical learning.

The amount of time you dedicate in learning a new language

How much time will you take to master a certain language totally depends on how much time you devote to learn. It can be either daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Your level of motivation

Being motivated is the main reason that people achieve their goals but on the other hand, it is also a reason for people to quit. Always stay motivated towards your goals.

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