How important is a kid’s dental care?

Park slope kids dental care

Park slope kids dental care

Park slope kids dental care: A healthy dental setup is the foundation of a healthy body as strong teeth help in chewing the food coarsely and help in digestion. It is reckoned that caring for your kid’s dental health is of utmost importance and should be paid due attention. As a parent, it is essential that you plan for regular dental checkups for your child as they are prone to tooth decay, cavity, and other tooth problems. However, good dental care begins even before the teeth come out and parents should even then care for the gums and clean them with a damp cloth to prevent bacteria growth. As the child grows, it should be brought into practice that they brush twice daily for good dental hygiene. Moreover, with the Child dental benefit scheme the dental service of children is taken care of so it also becomes convenient for the parents to arrange for a regular dental assessment.

Why it is important to take of children’s dental health?

Data shows that most children suffer from cavities, which is a chronic tooth disease and if untreated can be very painful and also give rise to dental infections. With poor oral health, children spend a significant amount of their childhood being sick and missing school or other important days which can also impact their grades. Most children between the age of 6 to 8, have at least one cavity-affected baby tooth, and by the adolescent period, at least one permanent tooth is affected by the cavity. A cavity is a serious dental problem and of late with unhealthy eating habits cases of cavities are increasing solemnly among children. However, with healthy dental habits and undergoing some treatments cavities can be prevented. So, parents if your child has a sweet tooth and indulges in chocolates and ice creams more than often, you should be really concerned but a little effort and awareness can prevent some serious tooth decay.

How to care for your kid’s tooth?

Dental care for babies and children is different as their food habits and tooth structure vary and should be followed according to the doctor or expert guidelines. For babies, the tooth doesn’t exist and so the gums are what require special care and concern. As babies are totally dependent on their parents or caregivers so the responsibility falls upon them to make sure that dental hygiene is maintained. It is necessary that their gums are wiped at least twice a day after feeding with a soft and damp cloth to prevent bacteria growth and when the tooth starts showing up start using a soft bristle brush for cleaning the baby tooth. Also, make use of the Medicare child dental benefits and start regular visits to the dentists at an early stage. For children, over 2 years of age, it is recommended that you use fluoride toothpaste but with the dentist’s advice and make sure that any dental discomfort is diagnosed at an early stage to prevent complexities. And as your child grows set a dental hygiene routine for them so that they take self-care seriously and are concerned about their dental health. It is always up to the parents or guardians to help children develop good dental habits that will help in maintaining a good set of teeth even when they grow up.

Risk elements for cavities to watch out for:

According to data based on child dental health, tooth cavity is the most common dental problem so let’s find out what are the risk factors for your child to get a cavity.

  • If a family member has cavities then the chances of the cold getting cavity are higher.
  • If your child is too much into drinking or eating sugary food items, it also stimulates the chances of a tooth cavity.
  • If your child is someone with special care needs, the chances are high of getting a cavity.
  • If your child wears braces to straighten crooked teeth or is using some other oral appliances, there are higher chance of cavities.

With these risk elements, the child stands at the probability of getting a cavity and so it becomes all the more important to make regular dentist visits. Park slope kids dental care

Final Word:

As a parent, it is very important that you look into the early signs of dental troubles, such as tooth pain, mouth infection, white spots or brown areas in the teeth, etc. These signs indicate trouble and you should be concerned. With the availability of Child dental benefit scheme and Medicare child dental benefits children from the age of 2 years to 17 years of age can benefit from dental care. It is, however, recommended by dentists that a child should see a dentist on the first birthday itself to recognize early signs of tooth problems. So, if you want healthy dental health for your child then make sure that good dental habits are practiced. Besides, it is important that you put it into a habit that the child washes the mouth after every meal and brushes twice daily. These simple practices can help to attain a proper dental set.

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