Emma argues with principal figgins

Emma argues with principal figgins

Emma argues with principal figgins: We’re nonetheless now not over all the times Mr. Schue turned into the worst on “Glee.” Our countdown includes each time that he rapped, singing “los angeles Cucaracha” in gown, bullying Beiste, and extra!

Pinnacle 5 times Mr. Schue turned into the Worst on Glee

Welcome to MsMojo, and these days we’re counting down our choices for the pinnacle 10 instances Mr. Schue became the Worst on Glee.

For this listing, we’ll be searching at whenever Will Schuester, the leader of the brand new instructions, made us cringe. If you haven’t seen each episode of “Glee”, then be wary of mild spoilers.

Allow us to realize what Mr. Schue moments weirded you out the maximum inside the comments below!

5: The entire “Rocky Horror photo show” Episode

“The Rocky Horror Glee show”

The fifth episode of Glee’s 2d season begins with a totally irritated Dr. Carl Howell storming into Glee membership rehearsal and claiming Mr. Schue is making an attempt to get his female friend, Emma. But hitting on a lady in a devoted dating is far from the worst aspect Will does at the same time as setting on “The Rocky Horror image display.” In attempted and genuine Mr. Schue style, he casts himself within the titular position. Not most effective does he take the element far from a scholar, however he does so knowing he’ll must perform songs of a risque nature with underage members of the solid. Touch a, contact a, touch a, contact Me? Please don’t.

4: Bullying Beiste


Coach Beiste’s arrival at McKinley right away poses a chance to Mr. Schue. After principal Figgins is satisfied to reduce investment for the cheer squad and the Glee membership, the soccer team now has more money. Mr. Schue could have treated this like an adult, but in which’s the fun in that? He joins forces with Sue and proceeds to bully Beiste to stop. But the worst part about his conduct is that maximum of the pranks he and Sue pull must do with train Beiste’s appears. Once they order pizzas for Beiste, it’s simply a weight comment . You’d suppose a trainer could be more touchy to the consequences of bullying, but Mr. Schue is anything but.

3: making a song “los angeles Cucaracha” in costume

“The Spanish instructor”

Appropriation is the call of the sport for this entry. In addition to an egregiously offensive performance of “a little much less communication” where Mr. Schue clothes up as a torero, this episode opens with one of the maximum insulting Glee performances ever. Mr. Schue has the fantastic idea to sing “los angeles Cucaracha” to his Spanish class while wearing stereotypical garb. He tries to bypass these off as real training, however Santana in the end calls him out. He ultimately admits he most effective took the job because it changed into the final position open. For a person who talks a massive recreation about following your passions, it’s apparent he has none for the Spanish language. That’s a failing grade in our e book.

2: Letting His students Sing & Twerk to “Blurred lines”

“The cease of Twerk”

After they stated Viva la Revolution, we are no longer sure that is what they intended. While Sue – now fundamental – bans twerking at McKinley, Mr. Schue takes it upon himself to retaliate. He, at the side of a plethora of excessive schoolers, protest with the aid of twerking their manner down the halls. That is just one among many examples of Mr. Schue’s unlucky addiction of dancing inappropriately together with his students. But the song choice here makes it worse than the ones other instances. Encouraging your students to sing a arguable song, particularly considering the subject? Yeah, that’s no longer the nice look as an educator.

Tricking Sue Into Falling in Love with Him

Sue is some distance from the nicest character on Glee. But even she doesn’t deserve the humiliation Mr. Schue inflicts on her in the display’s twenty first episode. Within the wake of his divorce, Mr. Schue decides he’s had enough of Sue’s rude feedback and pretends he has a crush on her. After a performance of “inform Me something appropriate” and a lot of painful hip thrusting, Will asks Sue out on a date. However when the night time comes, he doesn’t show and leaves her on my own and embarrassed. Not most effective is this complete element downright mean, however will also doesn’t even apologize until he realizes how her disgrace influences the cheerleaders who carry out in his Glee membership. Selfish till the very stop.

1: Pressuring Emma to come with Him to Washington

“The split”

If you wished evidence that Mr. Schue would make a horrible boyfriend, appearance no further. Whilst Will gets the possibility to visit Washington for a job, he asks Emma to go along with him. She very simply says she doesn’t need to go – she has a task and a existence in Lima, and doesn’t need to emerge as resenting Will for asking her to depart. Will gaslights her and basically calls her unsupportive. She stands her floor for so long as she can, but finally breaks down and concurs. Mr. Schue may find Emma unsupportive, but by way of no longer taking her desires into consideration, he finally ends up proving his own failings as a guide machine.


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