Different Types of Bodybuilding Competitions

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Bodybuilding is a popular sport. Both men and women participate in this sports activity with passion. Every bodybuilding passion wants to become part of the world’s popular bodybuilding competitions. It is because participation in these events improves their value. 

Did you know that some bodybuilding competitions also allow participants who have used steroids? Yes, many bodybuilders use the best brand of steroids, sourced from TeamRoids, to participate in such competitions.

The six most famous bodybuilding events are the dream of every bodybuilder to become part of. Let’s have a glance at them and find their origin and value.


WBFF is the acronym for world beauty, fitness, and fashion. The organization was founded by Paul Dillet and is one of the few organizations that was created by a professional athlete. The main purpose of the competition is to mere fashion, beauty, fitness, and music. In this competition, health, fashion, and entertainment are all promoted. 

The organization is not only based on fitness but supporting athletes to become high-level of bodybuilders. The events are well-produced events in the fitness industry. The competition through this event includes both male and female categories. The rules for this event include the use of official WBFF beauty and tanning services.


Another popular competition of bodybuilding is the NPC, the acronym of the National physique committee. It is a well-known physique organization that was created in 1982. The participants are members of the organization and take part in a competition like fitness, bodybuilding, bikini, figure, and physique. It is the pioneer organization in bodybuilding, and successful athletes have become part of it. 

Also, athletes also become brand ambassadors in Muscle& fitness and muscular development. The NPC competitions are not hard-core but are amateur in which athletes celebrate each of the athlete’s achievements. NPC organizes thousands of live events. To participate in this event, athletes must have US citizenship.


ICN was created in the 90s by the Australian bodybuilding association. Each year the organization conducts around 40 competitions. ICN is not involved in a bodybuilding competition, but it also runs events for the education of young people related to the harms of obesity and unhealthy eating. Perhaps, it educates people about the positive sides of bodybuilding.  

The organization is also supports athletes in the natural development of physiques without the intake of performance-enhancing drugs. Wayne McDonalds, the founder of the ICN, has developed a natural bodybuilding campaign in Australia.


NABBA is also one of the pioneer bodybuilding associations that was created in 1948. Bill Pearl is one of the renowned athletes from this organization. The competition is hosted by Europeans and athletes from all over the world. The event is becoming harder and harder. Therefore, only athletes with proper practice can become part of the competition organized by this organization. The Universe competition held by this organization has more than 130 athletes from more than 20 countries.


IFBB is the acronym of the International Federation of bodybuilding and Fitness. It’s the governing body of fitness and bodybuilding. It was founded in 1946 in Montreal. The organization has more than 170 national federations all over the world and has conducted more than 2500 events worldwide. The successful athletes go for the most popular IFBB competition.


ANB is another famous competition for successful athletes. It’s not about strength training, but for youngsters who want to achieve fitness goals, ANB is the perfect match for them. ANB has hosted the unlimited competition in Australia and all over the world. The organization gives a platform to bodybuilding enthusiasts to show their physiques and become champions. ANB promotes events and has maximum exposure among athletes.

Final Verdict

Each year bodybuilding competitions are conducted. These are hosted by these leading organizations to help new athletes to come to the bodybuilding field and show their physic as well as talent. All these organizations discussed above have particular rules and regulations. So, bodybuilding passionate who meet the criteria of these events become participants and try their luck. Becoming a member of these organizations can be challenging but not impossible if someone practices with courage. 

If you are participating in a bodybuilding competition that allows steroids, make sure to be very careful. Only buy steroids from credible sources and use them in a proper way only. Remember that overconsumption can have severe harmful effects. It can impact your health up to a great extent. 

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